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On-Demand Webinar: Accelerate Your Data Analytics With Google Cloud Platform

Analytics, Google Cloud

On-Demand Webinar: Accelerate Your Data Analytics With Google Cloud Platform

Jack Allspaugh
Jack Allspaugh | Feb 12, 2021

How to Create Your Data Story Using Google Cloud Platform - Episode 1

In the first part of our three part series, Jack Allspaugh provides an introduction to data transformation and visualization using Google Cloud Platform.

In episode one, we will demonstrate how to get started with Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and bring your data to life by utilizing Cloud Smart Analytics solutions: Dataprep, BigQuery, and Data Studio. These three tools can be leveraged to easily and cost effectively ingest, transform, query, and visualize data from almost any source. During this demo, viewers will learn how to take their own data through an end-to-end data flow, as well as begin to understand the capabilities of Cloud Smart Analytics and how they can be used to create complex solutions. Finally, we will create a predictive Machine Learning model leveraging one of the cutting edge technologies available in GCP.

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In episodes 2 and 3, we will expand upon these ideas as we learn about more GCP solutions, explore a case study specifically tailored to manufacturers, and go into the different ways that we can integrate GCP with SAP ERP and BW. 

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Jack Allspaugh
Written by Jack Allspaugh

Jack Allspaugh is a Data Analyst on the Google and Open Source Application Team at NIMBL. He is a specialist in the Google Cloud Platform with an expertise in Big Data & Machine Learning as well as... READ MORE