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How to Prepare Your Business for the SAP Support Backbone Update

Ensuring connectivity via your Solution Manager 7.2 upgrade

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The SAP Support Backbone is the infrastructure that SAP has built in order to enable Solution Manager as well as managed systems to connect to SAP to download a variety of information. Early watch alert content, data, Licensing information on your managed systems. It is a bi-directional connection allowing solution manager to upload data to SAP systems as well as download data. This backbone is absolutely critical to a lot of the key functionality in solution manager.

In January of 2020, SAP will switch off the legacy SAP support infrastructure.

This webinar has been designed to provide you essential information on:

  • Which specific technology will be impacted (and which will not).
  • Best practices in preparing for the update.
  • Key SAP resources to leverage.
  • All the information necessary to begin your upgrade to Solution Manager 7.2.





Jereme Swoboda

Practice Director, SAP Solution Manager

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