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Understanding Greenfield, Brownfield, or BLUEFIELD™ for SAP S/4HANA 

Which approach is right for your business?

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With over 8,900 customers licensed for S/4HANA and more than 2,100 live, S/4HANA is now the go-to ERP platform for customers who want to adopt new innovations, deploy a simplified User Experience, reduce complexity within the IT landscape, and begin leveraging advanced analytics.

Knowing this, companies are beginning to ask key questions such as: What is my organization’s ideal path to S/4HANA? Do I upgrade in place? Why would an organization choose to re-implement?  I've heard of Brownfield and Greenfield - but what's Bluefield™?”

During this webinar you'll learn: 
  • What are the benefits of an in-place upgrade (aka Brownfield project)? 
  • How can an Bluefield™ implementation be used to upgrade and migrate selective components of your ERP system into a new S/4HANA instance?
  • How does a Bluefield™ project differ from Brownfield? 
  • What criteria should we focus on before we make our decision on how to move to S/4HANA?”

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