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Innovations In SAP Cloud Analytics

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Innovations In SAP Cloud Analytics

NIMBL | Mar 23, 2022


Traditionally in financial forecast and planning software systems, administrators are needed. 

To decrease the workload required to maintain the system, SAP developed SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) to support FP&A teams. In this video SAP Analytics Cloud Project Lead Will Chen explains how SAC is centered around users and offers a single cloud based solution that contains planning and collaboration in one platform. 

Benefits of SAP Analytics Cloud:

  • Reduces manual work by centralizing processes. 
  • Increases data transparency and provides real time insights.
  • Modernizes your business’ financial planning and reporting.
  • Integrates different data sources to be a single point of reach for all the business users. 

NIMBL connects SAC with your current and future IT landscape to support your digital transformation.

Written by NIMBL