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Innovations in Analytics and Data Warehousing

SAP Cloud Platform, SAP Analytics

Innovations in Analytics and Data Warehousing

NIMBL | Feb 11, 2022

In recent years, SAP has invested in analytic tools to help IT professionals integrate and work with their teams more efficiently. In this video, Barnaby Richards, Practice Director of Data Intelligence at NIMBL, breaks down the benefits of SAP’s analytics and data warehouse capabilities, including:

  • Dashboarding and analytics 
  • Combining data from other sources 
  • Predictive data for planning, aka augmented analytics 

At NIMBL, we feel SAP’s strategy to move to the Cloud has created a much more extensible platform for analytics that helps democratize data and put it in the hands of users. 

Implementing SAP Analytics can bring real-time business value and business empowerment. Our experienced team has constructed a templatized and rapid implementation approach to help deploy SAP Analytics.

Written by NIMBL