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Saving Time & Money by Migrating to Google Cloud

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Saving Time & Money by Migrating to Google Cloud

NIMBL | Oct 12, 2021

Southwire Gains Efficiencies by Migrating SAP Environments to Google Cloud

As one of the leading manufacturers of wire and cable used for transmission and distribution of electricity, Southwire aids the delivery of power to millions of people worldwide. They have more than 30 manufacturing facilities across the United States running 24/7.

With help from NIMBL, Southwire moved its entire SAP workload to Google Cloud, which provided immense levels of flexibility to Southwire. What once took weeks to create a project environment, now takes minutes. Watch the video to learn how Southwire's migration to Google Cloud has helped them eliminate downtime and keep 30+ factories running 24/7, protect them against ransomware attacks with improved cloud security as well as jumpstart their digital transformation initiatives including AI/ML capabilities

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Written by NIMBL