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Gates Corporation Gains Data Insights with Digital Twin

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Gates Corporation Gains Data Insights with Digital Twin

NIMBL | Oct 12, 2021

Creating Industrial Innovation with The Digital Twin: The Gates Corporation Story

Innovation comes in many forms. For Gates, that came in the form of a digital twin. NIMBL helped build Gates' digital twin to allow them to better identify when their equipment across the globe may need to be replaced, how their customers can better optimize the use of their products, and where Gates Corporation can improve upon building those products.

Gates Corporation had one major piece of equipment that needed to be connected to their digital environment, and that was accomplished by leveraging SAP HANA Cloud, developing custom applications, and a bit of ingenuity. Elements of this project can be applied to businesses throughout the US, in almost any industry. Learn more about how this innovation was achieved by viewing the case study video below.

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Written by NIMBL