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Scalable Flexibility for Cricut User Influx through AWS Cloud


Scalable Flexibility for Cricut User Influx through AWS Cloud

NIMBL | Feb 07, 2023

"We can scale up or down based on the way things are, and that's something we've taken advantage of."

In this video Tom Patterson, Director of IT at Cricut, discusses the benefits of migrating to AWS Cloud and how CloudEndure helped smooth the transition.

Key Benefits:

  • Disaster recovery plan intact without having to invest in a data center
  • Minimal cost and quick return to normal operation
  • Complete flexibility and management of infrastructure via the cloud

With Cricut’s entire infrastructure in the cloud, they no longer have to financially plan for hardware to manage on-premises systems and have the capabilities to scale it to their changing needs. The flexibility of the cloud, sets the foundation for Cricut to upgrade their Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). Patterson said, “What’s next for us is S/4HANA. We need to upgrade our system, prepare for the future, complete the digital transformation, and we're [now] poised to be able to do that.”

Written by NIMBL