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Venues Gain Real-Time Insights from NIMBL and SAP

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Venues Gain Real-Time Insights from NIMBL and SAP

NIMBL | Oct 12, 2021

Venue Analytics Will Never Be the Same: SAP Venue Analytics Demo

SAP Venue Analytics allows venue owners and operators to see customer data, in real time, from multiple sources, all displayed on a 65 inch touchscreen digital dashboard.

Using SAP Venue Analytics, you are able to take real-time data blended from multiple sources, like wifi access points, ticket scanners, computer vision, and IoT, and present it using SAP Analytics Cloud's Digital Boardroom, which gives venue operations the ability to visualize data and make decisions in real-time.

Our dedicated SAP Analytics team partners with our customers to create meaning out of your data that allows for tangible “Insight to Action”. By providing easy-to-digest intel on your business processes, you now have the power to make truly informed decisions that drive value to your company.

If you are interested in speaking with our SAP Analytics Cloud team about your analytics strategy, reach out through the form below:

Written by NIMBL