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Implementing HANA as your SAP foundation enables the business to immediately analyze and act as opposed to being forced to wait. It’s about business transformation, real-time business value and business empowerment.

With all the uncertainty around HANA within the SAP eco-system, it’s easy to be confused on what it actually takes for a HANA project to be successful. Not to worry. Our deep and experienced HANA team has constructed a templatized and rapid implementation approach to successfully deploy HANA. It’s worked for our customers. It will work for you.

Whether harnessing HANA’s power via SAP Business Suite on HANA, S/4HANA, or HANA as an EDW – we opt for doing over talking. Our robust and laser-focused HANA team – comprised of certified HANA architects – possesses the real-world expertise needed for your HANA initiatives.

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S/4HANA Services


S/4HANA Cloud (or S4HC) provides SAP best-in-class ERP functionality at a fraction of the software and deployment cost. Developed leveraging the same code base as S/4HANA, S4HC now empowers the Midmarket and Fortune 1000 with a powerful, cloud ERP. Built to grow with you. S4HC comes complete with comprehensive enterprise management functionality covering all core operations.

5 Tangible Benefits of S/4HANA Cloud

Multi vs. Single Tenant SAP S/4HANA Cloud

Multi vs. Single Tenant SAP S/4HANA Cloud

VP of Delivery and S/4HANA Cloud Lead, Michael Jolton breaks down the differences between Single Tenant (a.k.a. “public”) and Multi-Tenant (a.k.a. “private”) SAP S/4HANA Cloud using an apartment vs. commercial space model.


Upgrading to S/4HANA

Upgrading to S/4HANA

 This webinar, based on the lessons learned from our completed SAP S/4HANA upgrades and migrations, focuses on the SAP customer running any version of SAP ERP with plans to upgrade and migrate to SAP S/4HANA in the coming months.

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