This policy describes the procedures applied by Nimbl LLC (hereafter “Nimbl” or the “Data Controller”) in relation to the processing of personal data collected through the web site (hereafter referred to simply as the “Site”).

Unless otherwise specified, this policy shall also serve as notice – under art. 13 of EU Regulation no. 2016/679 (hereafter referred to as the “GDPR”) – provided to anyone who interacts with the Site (hereafter the “User”).

Detailed information on personal data processing is, where necessary, provided on the pages regarding individual services offered through the Site. This information is intended to state the limitations on and methods of personal data processing involved in each service, on the basis of which the User may freely give consent, where necessary, and authorize any collection and processing of data that may be required.

Data Controller. Data Processors. The Data Controller is Nimbl,1401 Zuni St Suite 202, Denver, CO 80204, tel +1 303 800-0245. An up-to-date list of data processors, if any, is available in the Data Controller’s offices.

Types of data processed.  

The Site may be used to collect and process: 

  • browsing data; 
  • personal data supplied voluntarily by Users through contact forms in the Site. 


Cookies are small text files which the web sites a user visits send to the user’s terminal, where they are memorized in order to be sent back to the site on the next visit. Cookies allow sites to work properly and efficiently to improve the user’s experience, allowing sites to store information in the memory of the user’s computer or other device. 

The Site uses technical cookies. These cookies are technical in nature and do not require the User’s prior consent for installation and use.  

The Site also uses third-party profiling cookies. The User is assumed to consent to use of these cookies whenever he or she clicks on the “Accept” button in the banner on the homepage. The User may, however, revoke consent for installation of these cookies at a subsequent time. 


The cookies used in the Site are of the following sub-types: 

  • browsing or session cookies, which permit ordinary browsing and use of the Site and anonymously collect information on how users use the Site and how many visitors the Site has, where they come from, and the other sites they have visited. As they are not stored on the user’s computer, these cookies disappear when the browser is closed; 
  • analytic cookies, such as, for example, those used by Google Analytics to collect and analyse statistical information through computers and other devices on the number of Site users, or the number of clicks on the page while browsing, sites Users come from or pages they have visited; 
  • social widgets and plugins: a number of widgets and plugins provided by social networks may use their own cookies to facilitate interaction with the web site; 
  • profiling cookies, which are used to collect information on the preferences and habits expressed by the User while browsing and therefore make advertisements supplied by third parties more interesting and better tailored to the user.


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