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Innovation thru Collaboration

How SAP Analytics Cloud for Planning enables better business decisions

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Planning is an essential aspect of any successful organization. SAP Analytics Cloud provides a simple (and single) solution to build a comprehensive and effective environment for dashboarding, planning and advanced analytics. Allowing for easy collaboration between different teams and individuals within an organization, SAP Analytics Cloud for Planning enables groups to produce different case scenarios and save results in an effortless manner.

SAP Analytics Cloud also encompasses additional predictive capabilities including regression, classification, clustering and an integration with the R to help guide future business decisions.

Join this webinar to:
  • Experience a hands-on demonstration of SAP Analytics Cloud for Planning capabilities to drive business insight
  • Explore the variety of data sources to which SAP Analytics Cloud can connect
  • Discover how SAP Analytics Cloud automatically calculates and predicts how a change in the value of one variable leads to changes in other variables through visual tools
  • Witness an example of how SAP Analytics Cloud covers all the essential features necessary to analyze, plan, and predict decisions for any organizations



Leonardo De Biasi

Leonardo De Biasi

Practice Director of Data Intelligence

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