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Sports & Entertainment

Intelligent Venue

Redefining Customer Experience


From ticket sales to parking to food, beverage, and merchandise sales, Intelligent Venue – powered by SAP Cloud Platform, SAP Analytics Cloud, and HANA as a Database – retrieves and sorts data in real time and delivers the reports to easy-to-digest digital touchscreens.


The instant insight provided by Intelligent Venue allows event coordinators to immediately address any issues with regards to parking or admission bottlenecks, underperforming sales by vendor, and overall customer satisfaction. 


Increase Customer Satisfaction

Get SMS Notifications

Food & Beverage Performance

  • Total sales by vendor
  • Reveune pre, post and during event

"The Intelligent Stadium: Leveraging Real-Time Insights to Optimize Fan Experience" Wins 2019 SAP Digital Trailblazer Innovation Award

The world of sports is filled with a wealth of analytics that track a player’s performance. From speed to agility to competence and beyond, these stats can be examined instantly and then utilized to adjust the player’s actions in-game for greater success or to predict future performance. Chosen from 233 candidates and whittled down to 81 finalists, the solution, implemented by NIMBL runs on the SAP Cloud Platform and represents a transformative shift in the way venue owners utilize real-time data to create value and impact in the moment.


Case Study: Optimizing Fan Experience

Rather than waiting 2 days to capture and process their game day analytics, read how a large stadium was able to track sales in real-time and proactively improve the game day revenue. 

      • Implementation of the Venue Analytics Package using SAP Cloud Platform, SAP Analytics Cloud, and SAP HANA Database as a Service
      • Creation and utilization of SMS alerts to immediately notify service reps and VIP Suites when one of their guests has arrived at the venue ensuring they provide the highest level of hospitality
      • Realization of real time analytics from all key data sources in the arena delivered to touchscreen digital
      • dashboards

Video: Real-Time Venue Analytics Demo

Watch how SAP Real-time Venue Analytics; allows venue owners and operators to see customer data, in real time, from multiple sources, all displayed on a 65 inch touchscreen digital dashboard.




Infographic: How SAP Venue Analytics Ensures Fan Satisfaction

The fan experience starts from the moment they enter the venue. By tracking each touch point

      • Happy or Not
      • Retail Revenue
      • SMS Guest Notification

Your Fans are #1

By entering into your venue, fans are entering into an experience. We bring that experience to you with real-time data analytics to enhance, engage and delight your customers.

  1. Enhance

    Get triggered notification when operations are running slow and be able to react in real-time.

  2. Engage

    Determine how customers are interacting with vendor  and what's working best.

  3. Delight

    Bring more fans to your sports and entertainment venues by creating meaningful moments.

“With real-time information brought in together at the right granularity, the Team understands how all the interconnected systems effect the fan experience”

Mark Lehew

SAP Global Vice President - Sports and Entertainment

“SAP Cloud Platform enables organizations who operate large venues to bring together analytics from any data source. If there is a database connection or API available, we can get the data almost instantly."

Michael Pytel

Chief Innovation Officer - NIMBL

"Sports is a real-time business. If you want to impact revenue, costs, or fan experience, you need to be able to sense what is happening in real-time and respond.”

Vice President of Business Strategy and Analytics

NFL - Franchise


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