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Intelligent Accounts Payable Solution

Optimize and Automate the Accounts Payable Process

A scalable cloud solution built on SAP BTP that integrates with your SAP ERP.

Accounts Payable is tricky, to say the least. Invoices are delivered through multiple channels and in different formats. Because of complexities and too many steps, the process is inefficient. That’s why NIMBL created the Intelligent Accounts Payable Solution that lets teams transform the user experience by using leading cloud technologies. 

Intelligent Accounts Payable Solution Benefits:

  • Business processes are consolidated into one streamlined solution 
  • Automation reduces repetitive tasks 
  • Low training curve required 
  • User experience improved via an intuitive digital front-end
  • Cost savings gained through consolidation and simplification

NIMBL can quickly tailor this cloud application to address your unique business processes or industry-specific needs so your finance team can increase efficiency, reduce costs, and minimize risks. 


NIMBL enables enterprises to efficiently ramp up, scale, and optimize digital transformation for today’s circular economy and increasingly dynamic partner ecosystems. NIMBL’s customers benefit from close collaboration with proven platforms, modern production methodologies, and agile best practices that help make people more productive and operations more sustainable.

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