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Southwire Completes an SAP Migration to Google Cloud Over Holiday Weekend


As business continues to evolve, SAP customers are seeking availability, flexibility, cost reduction and innovation from their cloud provider. One of these customers that received all four of these benefits of working with Google Cloud is Southwire.

With help from Google Cloud and their implementation partner, NIMBL, Southwire completed the SAP migration to Google Cloud over a planned maintenance weekend on July 4th. Learn how the move of their SAP landscape to Google Cloud has helped Southwire eliminate downtime to keep 30+ factories running 24/7, protect them against ransomware attacks with improved cloud security as well as jumpstart their digital transformation initiatives including AI/ML capabilities.

Cardinal Health improves agility and reduces costs with Google Cloud


Global healthcare provider, Cardinal Health, migrated its SAP landscape to Google Cloud. The implementation is driving 25% reduced cost, improved high availability, improved disaster recovery and significantly improved ability to respond to the business. Additionally, Cardinal Health leverages Google Cloud’s machine learning capabilities to drive business efficiencies and reduce cost.

ATB Financial increases agility and service with SAP on Google Cloud



When ATB Financial upgraded to SAP S/4HANA, tasks went from taking hours to minutes. The Canadian banking institute has been able to improve its month-end and end-of-day processing by orders of magnitude. Now, it can use data to customize customer solutions, bring artificial models to life, and explore new banking services.

How Carrefour is building the future of retail on Google Cloud


Multinational retailer Carrefour provides great retail experiences, on and offline, powered by Google Cloud. Carrefour transformed over 1,000 stores and redesigned its back office management with SAP on Google Cloud. Learn more about how Carrefour deployed a new ecommerce solution on Google Kubernetes Engine to provide scalability, flexibility and stability to the platform, even scaling on demand to match the speed of the business without the delays of hardware procurement, configuration and maintenance.