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Why should I upgrade to Solution Manager 7.2

Solution Manager

Why should I upgrade to Solution Manager 7.2

Jereme Swoboda | Dec 11, 2018

A Clear View of Your Landscape

In today’s world of ever changing technology, how does a large organization stay competitive without spending all their time planning and executing upgrades to their enterprise applications? SAP’s answer to that question is to centralize the life cycle management of an organization’s application landscape. SAP’s Solution Manager 7.2 is the ultimate solution for managing every aspect of an organization’s enterprise application landscape. From designing and mapping out their business processes to monitoring the day-to-day use of those same business processes, SolMan 7.2 also allows for optimization of an organization’s compliance utilizing ITIL certified tools. This leads to the controlling of costs on upgrades and application management, supporting business innovation, and shortening the time it takes to bring real value to an organization’s business.

“I already have Solution Manager 7.1. What will I gain if I put the time and effort into upgrading to Solution Manager 7.2?”

A Whole New Set of Tools

SAP has made a significant effort to execute a transformation of Solution Manager that is truly stunning. Solution Manager began as a basic support tool with Solution Manager 7.0. With version 7.2, Solution Manager has been transformed into a digital business platform that will become a central tool for all businesses to utilize. SAP has also made the effort to reach out to the functional side of the ALM wheel by providing tools to the business that are clear and simple for anyone in the organization to use. This eliminates the requirement to engage the technical team for assistance by allowing the utilization of the new user interface enhancements that are integrated into Solution Manager 7.2.

Among a variety of tools, a few of them stand out above the rest. SAP has significantly improved Solution Documentation, utilizing a web based portal for creating all of your business process documents as well as a graphical modeling tool for designing and mapping out any business process. This acts to support business process that require multi-level hierarchies.

Your Own Personal Library

To simplify the process of mapping business processes, SAP has introduced the ability to use a library of reusable objects that can be manually and automatically generated. This greatly reduces the effort required to create and maintain business processes in Solman. This library also eliminates the need to create the same object multiple times across different business processes. To make the process even more valuable, SAP has enabled Solution Manager 7.2 to continuously validate and optimize the processes based on real usage.

Connect all Your Processes

The most impressive enhancement comes with the integration of Solution Documentation with the rest of the ITIL certified tools. This allows for tools like Change control management, Requirements Management, Process Management, Custom Code Management and Test Management to fully utilize the business processes mapped out. In turn, it enables any SAP customer the ability to better manage and streamline projects therefore minimizing the cost and time required to any project performed on both SAP and NON-SAP enterprise applications. In the Monitoring space, SAP has also tightly integrated solution documentation and Business process monitoring allowing the basis administrators a critical view of how each area of an enterprise application is utilized by the business. This ensures they have the necessary tools to keep the business running at peak performance and efficiency.

Maintain Your SAP Support

Another answer is to why you should upgrade is the fact that SAP support of Solution Manager 7.1 will expire on December 31st 2017. To retain continued support from SAP, you must upgrade to Solution Manager 7.2. Another clear advantage of upgrading to Solution Manager 7.2 is to reduce your database licensing costs by utilizing the ability to run Solution Manager on SAP HANA. SAP HANA is now included in the standard licensing costs of SAP, allowing you to drop the current database and database licensing costs. This fact alone further increases the cost efficiency of utilizing Solution Manager 7.2.

Ease of Use

The User Interface in Solution Manager 7.2 has also been significantly enhanced. SAP Fiori and SAPUI5 have been fully integrated into Solution Manager allowing for the streamlining and simplification of all the standard Solution Manager dashboards. This leads to an increased ease of use for all administrators and end users alike increasing user satisfaction and easier adoption of SAP tools that in the past were rejected due to complexity of use.

Upgrade Your Idea of Solution Manager

Over the years many people have formed an opinion that Solution Manager requires more maintenance than it is worth. Clients have tended to only maintain it for its very basic uses. With Solution Manager 7.1 this has been slowly changing over the past 6 years. As SAP has introduced new features and enhancements, organizations have begun to understand how important Solution Manager is to their enterprise applications. With Solution Manager 7.2, the change will be even more rapid and now the business will begin to fully appreciate what Solution Manager brings to the table. Making it the single source of truth for all SAP customers, Solution Manager 7.2 has now truly become indispensable to any business that runs on SAP.

For a outline of how to keep SAP Backbone Connectivity during your Solution Manager 7.2 Upgrade, check out our webinar.

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Written by Jereme Swoboda

Jereme is an experienced Senior SAP Solution Manager consultant with expertise in both Solution Manager 7.1 and 7.2 integration, upgrading Solution Manager to the latest release of 7.2, and the... READ MORE