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How High Do You Want to Climb?


How High Do You Want to Climb?

NIMBL | Feb 14, 2020

At NIMBL, it's up to you.

We pledge to empower you to grow your career. You will have access to SAP certifications and mentor-ship in your chosen discipline. Our culture emphasizes the importance of taking ownership over chasing your dreams and values employees who possess the drive to achieve excellence. There are many examples of employees who've taken advantage of the abundant opportunities available at NIMBL and have begun to craft a career based on their personal goals. 

Below are two such stories.  

What were your career aspirations/plans when you originally joined NIMBL? Did you plan to be in the role you are in today?

        Tyler Gardner, Development Analyst: I joined NIMBL as an entry-level desk analyst with little to no idea where I wanted to take my career. However, the management team at NIMBL supplied me with abundant guidance and opportunities that allowed me to advance to my current role of Conversational A.I. Developer. 

        Emanuele D'Alessandro, Software Developer: I joined NIMBL right out of college, intending to start and to do hands-on work on as many things as possible to grow my knowledge and skills. I was mostly interested in mobile development or A.I. and Machine Learning but was just eager to try out different things to figure out what I liked the most. I have to say NIMBL is perfect for that! I am constantly challenged with new things and the work is never repetitive or boring. Apply Now

All employees are very friendly and willing to help in anyway - Emanuele

How did NIMBL help you thrive and grow into the role you are in today?

        Tyler: I was told during my hiring interview at NIMBL that "here at NIMBL we offer an 'elevator' for your career, all you need to do is step on." I found this to be very accurate because every time I asked for an opportunity to prove myself, I got one. 

        Emanuele: I think the most helpful things is the drive of the company and the confidence they put into experimenting and testing with new technologies. This openness to new things pushed me to learn more and to start using different and newer technologies. NIMBL has also been very supportive when I showed interest in learning more about specific topics; I was able to take full formative courses while employed and then use that newly acquired knowledge for new projects.


Who did you look to for guidance on how to achieve your goals during your journey?

        Tyler: I have found that all my co-workers at NIMBL are supportive and kind, but in my personal journey, Practice Directors Chris Adams and Antonio Delli Gatti, along with company co-founder Michael Pytel have been the most instrumental by providing me with direct guidance and numerous opportunities. 

        Emanuele: Being an open-space office with a great employee-oriented culture, it was very easy to ask for guidance on any topic at NIMBL. All employees are very friendly and willing to help in any way which makes figuring out problems easier as a team.


What would you say to someone that is interested in joining NIMBL?

        Tyler: I would say that if they have a passion for technology, personal drive and enjoy working in a relaxed environment, sign up now!

        Emanuele: I would say that if you are looking for a place to challenge yourself and grow, not only as an individual but also in your career, then NIMBL is the right place for you. 

NIMBL supplied me with abundant guidance and opportunity - Tyler

What do you see yourself doing 2 years from now?

        Tyler: Hopefully continuing to ride that "NIMBL Elevator of Success" and continuing to grow as a professional.

        Emanuele: I would like to move up to Senior Software Developer and help new hires develop new knowledge and skills as well as help implementing new technologies. 


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