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Why Data Visualization on-the-go is a Game Changer: A Customer Success Story

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Why Data Visualization on-the-go is a Game Changer: A Customer Success Story

NIMBL | Apr 20, 2021

What Data Clarity Does For Business:

Data clarity is much more than being able to interpret numbers, data clarity means unlocking insights into how your business is operating and how to make changes to optimize your business. We have unlocked the business potential of business intelligence and analytics using different tools for many clients, but the business impact that was achieved for this particular client, stands out.


Background & The Challenge Presented:

Our client is a market leader in building materials - providing a wide range of products and services in the residential, industrial, and commercial space. The client was using static, printed reports to draw insights into their business. This meant every time a report was produced, the report's data was already inaccurate by the time it was delivered to leadership.

Historically, the company utilized an old tool to generate and broadcast static reports to target users. Distributing static reports across the business made the entire process time-consuming, dated, and insecure. The target users would print out the report for employees who would conduct field site visits, where they had to struggle with a large stack of spreadsheets in order to find specific information. An absence of a reliable and company-wide business intelligence tool forced the organization to rely on assumptions and outdated data when making critical business decisions.

The client decided to conduct a robust “BI Strategy Evaluation” of their entire IT ecosystem in order to streamline the reporting process and better understand business needs.

Business Intelligence Strategy Evaluation:

Executive Members required:

  1. See KPIs over time to stay informed and on top of the business 
  2. Engage with enough context to track underperforming KPIs
  3. Access to real-time data, anytime and anywhere
  4. Extend productive collaboration in reporting

Business Intelligence Analysts needed to:

  1. Work with reliable datasets for all data questions
  2. Foster consistent, reusable analytics content and templates
  3. Boost performance of reports and perform data analysis in a user-friendly tool
  4. Eradicate labor expensive tasks, such as generating reports daily 

Following the evaluation, the client identified a few, distinct goals:

  • Roll out a reliable, user-friendly, mobile and desktop business intelligence platform to provide timely updates and easy access to accurate, key business metrics 
  • Deliver user-centric stories to meet different functional requirements across the business subsidiaries within a stringent timeline
  • Achieve performance boost by implementing BW system migration and productivity boost by rolling out Analysis for Office platform for ad-hoc reports

Solutions Implemented, Goals Achieved:

Introducing SAP Analytics Cloud.

By moving from Bex WAD to SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC), executive stakeholders can now access their reports (built using real-time data) anytime and anywhere on mobile devices. In order to reconstruct 120+ WAD reports in SAC that used reusable story templates with vivid navigational dashboards, SAC templates were utilized. Features inside SAC, like Explore Views and Link Analysis, enable drill downs where business users could identify new insights, proactively. The transformation from IT-led ‘push’ broadcasts to user-centric, on-demand ‘pull’ consumption has made a world of difference for their entire business. Collaboration tools in SAC are essential to enriching the success of this process change.

Analysis for Office

SAC also features an Analysis plugin for Microsoft Office, which is designed for users to connect seamlessly to the source data in order to combine multidimensional analysis with the capabilities and flexibility of Microsoft Excel. Through established SAC connections to both BW info-provider and query level, end users can create their ad-hoc reports. The simplicity of using Analysis for Office requires less help and maintenance from the IT department and allows them to allocate more resources elsewhere.

The Company's Future:

The business solution that NIMBL created with SAP Analytics Cloud helped revolutionize how this materials business uses their data. Their next step is to improve operational efficiency by implementing geospatial analysis in metric reporting, as they believe the impact of leveraging SAP Analytics Cloud can continuously consolidate their market leader position and stimulate countless successes.


Are you interested in improving your company's relationship to your data? Click the link below and schedule a meeting with our SAP Analytics Cloud Team where we'll whiteboard a solution that fits your unique business requirements. 

Redefine Your Analytics

Are you considering migrating from SAP Business Objects (BOBJ) to SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC)? Watch this webinar or view this cheat sheet to learn more about the process.

Written by NIMBL