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Video: Real-Time Venue Analytics Demo

SAP Analytics

Video: Real-Time Venue Analytics Demo

NIMBL | Mar 19, 2019

What Real-Time Data Looks Like in SAP Venue Analytics

When you harvest real-time data as a venue operator, the new power should feel like a rim rattling dunk. With SAP Venue Analytics, powered by SAP Digital Boardroom and SAP Analytics Cloud, you are able to integrate data from wifi access points, Ticketmaster, and computer vision and more to live inside SAP HANA. Once there, the data is analyzed and can be presented and viewed at from any number of point of views. How does this work? Check out the short video demo, which takes place in a venue where we've deployed the SAP Cloud Solution for Venue Analytics:



As you can see, SAP Real-Time Venue Analytics is an extremely powerful tool for all venue owners and operators to make well-informed decision. With SAP Digital Boardroom, we have the ability to interact with our data, not just view it. This leads to insights which can impact the fan experience in real-time.

Interested in learning more about how SAP Venue Analytics is being leveraged right now by an NFL franchise? Download the case study below.


Written by NIMBL