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Using SAP Predictive Analytics to Grow Your Business

SAP Analytics

Using SAP Predictive Analytics to Grow Your Business

NIMBL | Jun 26, 2019

Tomorrow's Success Depends on Today's Decisions

Making major business decisions can sometimes feel like throwing darts at a board – blindfolded. But what if businesses could predict the future and make smart, profitable decisions based on that foreknowledge?

While seeing the future isn’t entirely possible (yet), you can take advantage of the next best thing – predictive analytics. This type of forecasting connects large amounts of information and takes into account values, trends, cycles and fluctuations in the data to anticipate challenges and opportunities for your business. SAP predictive analytics enable you to create thousands of models with machine learning automation to prepare for what’s ahead. Here are seven reasons to invest in predictive analytics:



SAP predictive analytics features a broad set of reusable analytical records that allow you to quickly build and embed sophisticated predictive models without weeks or months of coding. Specific questions can be simulated and scored in real time.



If scrolling through thousands of figures on a spreadsheet sounds unappealing, it’s time to take a fresh look at your data.

SAP predictive analytics allow you to visualize relevant connections among internal and external data for an improved user experience.


Your predictive models can be embedded directly into databases, processes and line-of-business applications – wherever you need actionable insight into large volumes of data. SAP’s solution allows you to manage massive data sets containing more than 50,000 columns.


Social Capabilities

SAP predictive analytics discover relationships and connections between your customers to identify the strongest social influencers. Analytics also leverage social network analysis to help you recommend the right products and services at the right time.



Keeping your data protected is a top priority, no matter how you leverage it. SAP’s security features and data-protection functions keep you compliant with legal requirements and give your customers peace of mind that their information is secure.



With SAP predictive analytics, you can join historical data sets such as demographics, service calls and transactions. It’s easy to share insights across the business and maintain peak performance with end-to-end management and scheduled updates.



We are dedicated SAP Analytics partner that helps customers create meaningful, tangible insights. Our easy-to-digest intel gives you the power to make truly informed decisions that drive value to your company. 

Explore your options and learn how to implement Predictive Analytics at your business.

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Written by NIMBL