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SAP S/4HANA Cloud EX: A Tailored Solution for Your Cloud ERP Needs

S/4HANA Cloud

SAP S/4HANA Cloud EX: A Tailored Solution for Your Cloud ERP Needs

Michael Jolton | May 04, 2021

Which S/4HANA Cloud Solution Suits you?

I've been talking to you about S/4HANA Cloud for some time now.  For most of that time I focused on the Public Cloud (previously known as Essentials or ES edition and S/4HANA Cloud Multi-Tenant prior to that).  For many of you, however, this version did not hold great interest due to the limitations of the pre-configured ES.

You are the group I now want to address and talk more about the S/4HANA Cloud Private Cloud Edition (PCE).  Note that both editions are available with the SAP RISE offering, but that is a subject for another blog.  It is also important to note that S/4HANA Cloud PCE is much the same as S/4HANA Cloud EX (Extended Edition) with some changes in the cloud services provided and even greater flexibility to customize if necessary.


Consider This...

Think of your cloud ERP choices (S/4HANA Cloud and S/4HANA Cloud PCE) as though you were about to attend a formal event.  Being that this is a black-tie event, you’re required to wear either a tuxedo or a formal gown.  If you choose to rent, you will be able to make light alterations on the dress or bring in the waist/pant legs of the tuxedo, but that’s pretty much it.  This rental, although not a perfect fit, will have filled the requirements of attending the event.  This – in essence – is what S/4HANA Cloud (public) offers: specific functionality for you to accomplish specific goals

Let’s say – however – in addition to this black-tie event, you plan to attend weddings, galas, art openings and premieres.  In that scenario, you would want your tuxedo or dress to be custom tailored and fit you perfectly, so you’ll be prepared for these and any other situations.  This example reflects what S/4HANA Cloud PCE and EX provide: A cloud solution with customer specific modifications that optimizes every business process that applies to your company.

The Perfect Fit

S/4HANA Cloud PCE and EX allow companies to migrate to a cloud ERP while keeping all the configuration flexibility associated with S/4HANA On Premise.  There are a few key differences for PCE and EX that make this flexibility possible:

  • Configuration via SAP’s IMG (Implementation Guide): All of the thousands of IMG configuration options are available, allowing companies to configure the solution however they would like – there is no fixed model that has to be followed (as with ES)
  • Migration via customizable templates or staging tables: Even if you have a heavily customized database, it is still possible to migrate data with the SAP Migration Cockpit, and the staging tables provide even greater capability for larger volumes of data
  • Ability to upgrade from SAP ECC: One key difference between PCE and EX is that with PCE, it is possible to upgrade from SAP ECC, taking all of your data and customizations with you

The result of these differences is an S/4HANA Cloud solution that will fit nearly every business in just about any industry.  The added flexibility, however, will likely come with a greater implementation timeline and cost, but that increase is outweighed with a solution that exactly fits the business.  That said, it is important to note that PCE and EX implementations can be expedited with SAP Best Practices and Model Companies where desired.

For complex companies looking for a premier and fully flexible cloud ERP, or for current SAP ECC customers, used to the flexibility of the solution and unwilling to bend business processes to meet the pre-configuration of ES, the S/4HANA Cloud PCE or EX edition may just be the perfect fit.

Still have questions about SAP S/4HANA Cloud EX?  Learn about how SAP S/4HANA Cloud EX option came to be, how it can streamline financial operations and how it can be used to optimize manufacturing operations.

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Written by Michael Jolton

Michael is Vice President of S/4HANA Presales for NIMBL. Throughout his career, Michael has assisted dozens of clients in developing and implementing ERP strategies and he is now applying those... READ MORE