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4 Reasons to Leverage SAP Cloud Platform Integration Services

SAP Cloud Platform

4 Reasons to Leverage SAP Cloud Platform Integration Services

NIMBL | Jun 11, 2019

Integrate and Extend Your Cloud Applications

Are you considering implementing SAP Cloud Platform as the foundation of your Intelligent Enterprise? SAP Cloud Platform Integration Services (SAPCP-IS) enables you to integrate processes and data between cloud apps, third-party applications and on-premises solutions for a truly connected business.

It also gives you the ability to extend existing applications or develop new applications with a flexible, on-demand integration system running as a core service on SAP Cloud Platform. Here are four reasons to leverage SAPCP-IS when migrating to SAP Cloud Platform:


Your cloud integration solution should include all the features you need to jumpstart your move to an Intelligent Enterprise. SAPCP-IS works to integrate processes and data both in application-to-application (A2A) and business-to-business (B2B) scenarios.

You can easily integrate data from diverse sources such as equipment sensors and online sentiment. Prepackaged integration content and an extensive integration flow catalog help you fast-forward integration projects and see results more quickly.


SAPCP-IS offers end-to-end customization to fit your operations. Building off of SAP’s pre-delivered integration scenarios, you can create your own extension to incorporate your custom requirements. SAP’s adapter software development kit (SDK) allows you to build custom adapters for additional connectivity. Plus, you can customize access to SAP Cloud Platform Integration with public OData application programming interfaces (APIs).

Real-Time Processing

SAPCP-IS is managed in SAP’s secure data centers worldwide for a fast, reliable experience. Data can be integrated both synchronously and asynchronously, depending on your needs. SAP also secures your data for safe and reliable processing, protecting you from unnecessary downtime and the resulting costs. You also enjoy a lower total cost of ownership with minimal upfront investment and a reasonable pay-as-you-go subscription model.

World-Class Support

Leveraging SAPCP-IS successfully is easier with a qualified partner. NIMBL is a leading SAP partner with a laser focus on business transformation through SAP Cloud Platform and other SAP solutions. We thoroughly assess your needs, recommend the right solutions for your business and manage every step of deployment for a seamless experience. We also offer ongoing support to maximize your ROI and keep your business running smoothly. 


Written by NIMBL