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Preparing Your Business for the SAP Backbone Update

Solution Manager

Preparing Your Business for the SAP Backbone Update

Jereme Swoboda | Nov 12, 2019

What You Need to Know

In January of 2020, SAP will switch off the legacy SAP support infrastructure impacting a variety of areas from any SAP NetWeaver ABAP system to Focused Run. This change, requiring customers to migrate to the new Support Backbone has led many customers to ask the inevitable question, “How do I prepare my business for this update.”

My latest blog, focused strictly on the impact to Solution Manager, has been written to answer the What, Why, Where and How regarding the SAP Support Backbone Update to ensure that your system is ready. So, let’s get to it:

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What is the SAP Support Backbone?

The SAP support backbone is the infrastructure used by SAP to enable the technical support of SAP customers and it consists of many systems that serve different types of purposes. The new SAP support backbone has been up and running for a while now, so this means all SAP customers currently have the option/ability to transition to the new SAP support backbone. That being said, there is no need to wait. In Solution Manager, the connection is called “Support Hub”. This connection is a part of the mandatory guided procedure, “System Preparation.”


Why do I need to update to the new SAP Support Backbone?

Simply put, if you are not prepared after the deadline of January 2020, you will see a variety of Solution Manager tools begin to stop functioning as usual. Below is a complete list of the Solution Manager tools that will be impacted by the lack of a connection to SAP.

Impacted Solution Manager Tools:

  • Landscape Management
    • Landscape information delivery to SAP, Maintenance Planner, Remote Service Connection Management
  • License Management
    • Automatic distribution of licenses and maintenance certificates
  • Test Suite
    • Scope and Effort Analyzer – the collection of maintenance planner transactions
  • IT Service Management
    • Exchange of customer messages with SAP
  • SAP Engagement and Service Delivery
    • Delivery of Early Watch alerts to SAP
    • Updating of Service content used to generate EWA’s
    • Delivery and execution of engagements and sessions, Go-Live checks, Security Optimization, and more
  • System Recommendations
    • Updating of maintenance information used to provide recommendations


Where do I get prepared for the deadline?

Although Solution Manager 7.2 SP08 or SP09 are the easiest options, you must upgrade to – at least - Solution Manager 7.2 SP07. Solution Manager 7.2 is not designed out-of-the-box to use the new SAP support backbone. Additional manual steps are required to get it connected to the new support backbone. If you are running Solution Manager 7.1 or 7.2 SP03-SP06, you must upgrade by January 2020 and complete the connection to the SAP support backbone.


How do I get Solution Manager on the new SAP support backbone before the January 2020 deadline?

As is usually the case, the answer to the question above is: You need to be as informed as possible. With that in mind, I have compiled a variety of resources, from the SAP support backbone website to SAP Notes. I have also provided my lists and notes directly from my experience tackling this activity for customers.


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Written by Jereme Swoboda

Jereme is an experienced Senior SAP Solution Manager consultant with expertise in both Solution Manager 7.1 and 7.2 integration, upgrading Solution Manager to the latest release of 7.2, and the... READ MORE