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NIMBL Helps Drive Southwire's Migration to Google Cloud

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NIMBL Helps Drive Southwire's Migration to Google Cloud

NIMBL | Sep 03, 2020

Google Cloud and NIMBL bring innovation to manufacturing company


The Story: Southwire Company, LLC., one of the world's leading manufacturers of wire and cable with an annual revenue of over six billion dollars, was operating under older versions of software. This was prohibiting them from taking advantage of advances in cloud technology. Additionally Southwire was looking for a way to migrate away from an existing data center architecture to mitigate risk and take advantage of the associated cost savings.

The Solution:
NIMBL upgraded Southwire’s SAP Core components including BW, PO and ECC from: BW 7.3 to 7.5, PI 7.31 to PO 7.5 and ECC 6.0 (EHP 5 to EHP 8) as well as migrated these systems to the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) with no major service disruptions to Southwire’s core business operations and customers.

The Result: By moving to GCP, Southwire experienced an immediate technology refresh and an overall performance boost in their SAP systems. With updated systems running on the Google Cloud Platform, Southwire has jump started their digital journey with SAP and other technology initiatives that will further the company’s overall strategic plan. As such, they can now leverage faster and insightful reporting, stability and a scalable operating platform to meet the needs of their customers; all in the same secure environment that Google uses themselves.


Additional Project Highlights:

  • Execution of more than 4,000 test cases
  • Upgrade of the company’s network architecture to support the system
  • Changes to 1000’s of table structures
  • Migration of terabytes of production data
  • Major delta upgrades in Operating System and backend components.


Why NIMBL: Based on their 10+ years of successfully migrating businesses to the cloud, Southwire reached out to NIMBL in their efforts to upgrade its SAP ecosystem and operating platform. NIMBL then worked closely with both Southwire and Google Cloud to tailor an architecturally sound solution and robust implementation plan. NIMBL’s role as a key strategic advisor, in addition to implementation partner, ensured that best practices and risk mitigation strategies were incorporated into system design.

NIMBL’s cloud migration expertise ensured a smooth, controlled run transformation.

Dan Stuart, Southwire’s senior vice president of ITS

Why Google Cloud: As the recognized industry leader in innovation, security and unparalleled user experience, Google Cloud offers additional incentives to their customers with the Cloud Acceleration Program. In this initiative, Google Cloud provides direct funding to business allowing them to complete a low to no-cost migration saving valuable financial resources.

“With the Cloud Acceleration Program, customers are able to get the skills and the funding to accelerate their Google Cloud migration effort dramatically."

Edy Sardilli, Google Cloud Lead

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Written by NIMBL