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Maximize Your ERP Investment with RISE with SAP


Maximize Your ERP Investment with RISE with SAP

NIMBL | Jan 24, 2022

RISE your Business to the Next Level

When it comes to updating your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, there can be a lot of choices in the diverse landscape of hyperscalers and platforms available. It’s challenging to navigate the journey to an intelligent enterprise that increases the usability and value of your organization’s data, especially during this new digital era when the urge to innovate has accelerated competition. 

In recent years, SAP launched a next-generation ERP, S/4HANA to support organizations looking to avoid frequent digital transformation initiatives and build a foundation for a steady advancement of digital innovation. RISE with SAP is an easy way that a company can move into this tier-1 enterprise-grade ERP solution. 

What is RISE with SAP? 

RISE with SAP not only bundles the software needed for S/4HANA, but also the infrastructure component of an ERP deployment. It includes several services – such as the Ariba network, Asset Intelligence Network, and Logistics Business Network – that allows companies to partner with SAP and combine everything under one umbrella. RISE with SAP provides connectivity across SAP systems and third-party systems, as well as a way to store, aggregate and interpret data that organizations need to perform their jobs effectively and efficiently. IT employees and teams can focus on quickly establishing the framework needed to build out their digital innovation strategy.

One way to think about RISE with SAP is as a concierge to the intelligent enterprise service. The strategy to reach the vision of intelligent enterprise involves integrating both data and processes. RISE with SAP brings together what you need to transform your business in the way that works best for you – regardless of your point of departure or how fast you want to move. It helps expand beyond S/4HANA with new ways to add business insights and operational value to your digital footprint. Additionally, some features can help your business embrace industry business models and best practices, elevating sustainability standards end-to-end.

One of the key features of RISE with SAP is the infrastructure that is hosted in the Cloud on a supported hyperscaler. That infrastructure, the underlying operation system database, and a level of the application layer are all managed by SAP. That support takes a lot of the burden off IT teams. SAP, in coordination with an implementation partner like NIMBL, works to build connections without any impact on the organization. Additionally, Rise with SAP has a learning hub with solution-specific journeys focused on common use-cases. The learning hub is designed to help organizations navigate the path to success with SAP. 

The key differentiator of RISE compared to previous or other Cloud offerings is that existing customers today with customized or on-premise implementations are able to move those systems into an SAP hosted S/4HANA system with a subscription-based licensing model. For new customers, specialized requirements can still be addressed by moving to S/4HANA as part of a public or private version. The public version is a more standardized approach with fewer capabilities, and the private version includes more options to implement unique functionality and customized systems.

Maximize Your Investment with Immediate Benefits 

Rise with SAP includes access to SAP’s Business Technology Platform (BTP) capabilities that you can use on day one without any additional licenses. Immediately, customers are given consumption credits that can be used to access up to 70 different services. With them, IT teams can build integrations, extensions, or use intelligent technologies, like machine learning or AI, to automate business systems.

One specific component that can be leveraged within SAP’s BTP toolkit is intelligent robotic process automation (RPA). This service automates manual tasks and business processes for more efficiency and ultimately lower costs by reducing bottlenecks and human error. RPA provides free packaged content so organizations can create and deploy custom bots in a short period of time. 

Recently, NIMBL deployed standard and custom bots for a customer using the BTP toolkit’s low-code/no-code Cloud studio. A standard bot was utilized to monitor incoming payments from customers and process payments for vendors – a manually intensive process with multiple steps. Additionally, transferring employee time logs had become burdensome for managers. Due to the low-code/no-code environment on BTP toolkit’s studio, we were able to quickly create a custom bot to automate that process.

Integrated SAP Network Connections 

Additional networks included with Rise with SAP can add tremendous value to your company’s ERP. For example, Ariba provides configuration of pre-defined procure-to-pay documents, electronic integration with their vendors, purchase orders, confirmations, and invoices. It can help improve purchasing accuracy and cycle times, as well as mobile access to vendors. 

SAP Asset Intelligence Network is a cloud based IoT (internet of things) application that’s integrated with SAP BTP. The goal of this network is to maintain a global network of equipment using common definitions. These definitions are shared between multiple business partners, such as OEMs, service providers and operators, to deliver a collaborative business model. And this results in standardized equipment management, streamlined maintenance, collaborative design and execution, and collecting equipment management. 

SAP Logistics Business Network is another application available through RISE with SAP that connects partners for inter-company collaboration and transparency. It supports a large set of capabilities that allows customers to manage freight more efficiently, track and trace capabilities, increase supply chain resilience, instant market price visibility with real-time, guaranteed load pricing directly into S/4HANA. 

Key Takeaways

RISE with SAP furthers the value of SAP’s Intelligent ERP system, S/4HANA, through connection to the Ariba network, Asset Intelligence network, Logistics Business network, and Business Technology Platform. By moving to the Cloud and a subscription-based pay model, businesses can maximize their SAP ERP investment, make their workforce more efficient, optimize operations, and save resources.

Migrating into an updated ERP shouldn’t be a financial nor time-consuming burden on your team or your business. Speak with a NIMBL S/4HANA expert and start your digital transformation journey.

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Written by NIMBL