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How SAP Analytics Cloud Enables Better Business Decisions

sap analytics cloud

How SAP Analytics Cloud Enables Better Business Decisions

NIMBL | Feb 08, 2018

Clear Insight for Your Business

The current technology landscape offers many options for insight through business intelligence software and predictive analytics. As such, the market offers products for every level within a company, but few options have a holistic end-to-end approach to their information analytics services. This is where the solution SAP Analytics Cloud stands out from the competition as it incorporates analytics throughout the entire business process, integrated across every organizational level. Let's take a deeper look into what makes SAP analytics Cloud stand apart from similar products.

An end-to-end solution

Information is hard to manage properly because it is produced from every single point in the company. Even the smallest data transaction could prove valuable when used to feed predictive analytics engines.

SAP Analytics Cloud lets you synchronize data from across your entire infrastructure, in real-time, using a single system.

Running on a cloud platform and the HANA in-memory database, SAP Analytics Cloud has the power to integrate, process, and analyze real-time information and provide valuable insights for all users. Predictive analytics can then be used to leverage decisions made in the boardroom, in the office, or in front of a client; then the information can be accessed and used from any device, at any time. This empowers users throughout the company with fact-based/real-time insight to support their decision-making at every step.

SAP’s patented in-memory database working in conjunction with SAP Cloud Platform makes SAP Cloud Analytics a speedy solution to data management for analytics. Processing time for analysis can be greatly reduced thanks to the speed of HANA’s unique data collection architecture. For companies using SAP products and across the whole organization, the speed of digital transactions is even more noticeable.

Empowering leadership

SAP Analytics Cloud benefits the entire organization, but it specifically gives senior leadership a wide, detailed view of company metrics which have the ability to predict outcomes. Decision-makers in enterprise can visualize information through easy-to-understand dashboards and reports generated by SAP Analytics Cloud. Business intelligence and predictive analytics software calculate possible outcomes in different scenarios through the entire business process using complex algorithms. This brings a game-changing factor into the boardroom, boosting the ability to set goals and organize the strategy to reach them.

Leadership can track analytics for financial reports (financial close, reconciliation, regulatory filing, etc.), risk analysis, budgeting, capital planning, and manage KPI’s to compare performance across the board. SAP Analytics Cloud helps decision-makers save time and money, while mitigating risk with easy-to-access real-time information. In addition, accurate forecasts can be made to make use of corporate resources. What makes SAP Analytics especially attractive for senior management is how it simplifies collaboration from team to team; from the salesperson all the way up to the people at the company’s helm.

Subscription-based savings

SAP Analytics Cloud is a subscription-based SaaS (software as a service) that offers a lower cost of ownership since it incorporates all features for all users in a single cloud-based solution. Besides the usual cost-effective benefits of using cloud solutions, SAP Analytics Cloud lets you forget about having to buy, implement, and manage multiple analytics point solutions; business analysts, decision-makers, and stakeholders are all empowered through a single system.

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