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Leveraging Industry Events to Drive Client Success & Innovation

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Leveraging Industry Events to Drive Client Success & Innovation

Nathan Williams
Nathan Williams | Feb 14, 2023

As the Practice Director of Development and Innovation, I lead a team of consultants, analysts, architects, and practice managers that are responsible for development on SAP projects. I spend my time working directly with our clients and also on the operational side within NIMBL. Spending time with our clients is critical in order to build strong relationships and deliver high value solutions. That’s something that separates our practices at NIMBL from the pack. Developing client intimacy is invaluable, which drives us to achieve greater, more sustainable outcomes.

The same can be said for our developers. We have hundreds of incredibly intelligent developers here at NIMBL. Oftentimes, people think of developers as always heads down, pumping out solutions, far removed from the client. At NIMBL, our developers have the opportunity early on to be client-facing and be a part of the problem solving process. Development is crucial, but to us, solid relationships make the job whole. Events such as the SAP BTP Co-Innovation Day in San Ramon, California, provide us with information and resources to strengthen our work for clients. As event season ramps up, discover how a single partner event creates a cascade of value, driving our clients’ digital transformation journeys.  

Sparking innovation at industry events for client success

Events, such as trade shows, conferences, and networking events, are an excellent place for us to gather new ideas and insights. Attending these events provides an opportunity to meet and connect with industry leaders, experts, and influential figures. By learning about the latest trends and best practices, we stay ahead of the curve and bring innovative solutions to our clients.

Additionally, events are a great platform to showcase our expertise and thought leadership, building our brand and reputation in the industry. This knowledge and exposure to new ideas can then be used to deliver even greater value to our clients, as we are able to offer fresh perspectives and creative solutions to evolving business challenges. Events provide an opportunity to learn, grow, and bring value to clients, making them a valuable investment of our time and resources. The BTP Co-Innovation Day is a great example of how we can build direct value for our clients behind the scenes, by way of market trends and the latest technology, such as SAP’s Business Technology Platform (BTP). 

With BTP, our team leverages a comprehensive set of tools and services to help businesses develop, run, and manage applications. BTP enables clients to build, extend, and integrate SAP and non-SAP applications, as well as provide an environment for innovation and digital transformation. BTP is a scalable, secure, and flexible environment for clients to reduce the time and costs associated with managing their IT infrastructure. This allows clients to focus on driving innovation and delivering high-quality digital experiences to their customers, employees, and partners. 

The event as a whole revealed go-to-market strategies to accelerate the BTP journey for our clients. We presented our SAP Hackathon-winning Qualified Partner-Packaged Solution (QPPS), Intelligent Accounts Payable, providing us with an opportunity to not only learn from our counterparts, but also share our experiences. Ultimately, these events enable us to co-innovate and co-develop apps for clients to leverage in a low risk, high reward scenario. 

Through events such as the BTP Co-Innovation Day, we’re inspired to build more QPPS. Often these solutions are based on an innovative idea, sparked by collaborative environments. We then implement the solution with a client and then subsequently templatize it to use with even more clients. SAP goes along with us in that journey. They help us with things like how to make the solution more transparent, predictable, fast, and cost effective. In the end, we’re creating quick time to value within a solution that, when deployed, has minimal risks to the project and a high return on their investment.

Embracing a human-centered approach to technology 

Nestled on a sparkling lake, the SAP Academy for Engineering is an idyllic location where students learn highly technical skills such as quantum computing and coding. But the program goes beyond that– intentionally rooting these lessons in art, design, and humanity. They don’t stop at teaching students how to be a great technical resource. The instructors take it a step further, challenging students to be socially responsible and use their knowledge for the greater good. For example, compassionate coding empowers students to build more inclusive communities. Every student that learns to take coding to this new level creates a ripple effect within their community, opening up the door for future engineers. As our world evolves into one where sustainability is more than a boardroom agenda, technology becomes the force multiplier and the human spirit is the catalyst for positive change.

NIMBL believes this is the best path forward. Everything we do as a practice must lead back to serving our clients. We know that in order to be the best partners, we must embody the cutting edge, understanding what technologies clients should be thinking about now in order to secure an agile and prosperous future. We are acutely focused on developing solutions that provide quick time to value and long-term growth. Investing in our knowledge and in our network ultimately benefits our clients.

Partnering for client success

Although BTP Co-Innovation Day was a partner-exclusive event, it was exactly the type of event that inevitably brings value to our clients. By learning the latest market trends and understanding the SAP roadmap, we take new information and implement it in our own practices, fine-tuning solutions and creating new ones based on real market feedback. We also had the opportunity to provide feedback directly to senior SAP leaders about BTP– what’s working well and what can be improved. This creates a two-way flow of information that ultimately pieces together the puzzle of our market strategies. In conclusion, BTP Co-Innovation Day was a prime example of how events can create client value through the exchange of ideas and insights.

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Nathan Williams
Written by Nathan Williams

As NIMBL's Director of Development and Innovation, Nathan leads an organization of accomplished technology enthusiasts who are experts in Application Development, Automation, Integration, and... READ MORE