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How to Make Your ERP System Add Value To Your Business


How to Make Your ERP System Add Value To Your Business

NIMBL | Apr 21, 2019

Questions to ask when evaluating your ERP system

An enterprise resource planning (ERP) system affects every aspect of your business – the right one can streamline your operations and boost your margins, while the wrong one can hold you back from innovation and growth.   


Kick-off questions: 

Does your ERP system allow you to automate work with artificial intelligence (AI) and predictive analytics? 

AI and predictive analytics free up your team from manual tasks so they can spend more time meeting strategic goals. As your systems learn, you can automate basic functions and signal users when human input is needed.  

Does your ERP system have options for cloud, on-premises or hybrid deployments? 

All businesses are not created equal. To find a solution that meets your needs for storage, flexibility and security, you need an ERP system that can be deployed in the cloud, on-premises or a combination of both.  

Does your ERP system offer an award-winning user experience? 

In the Digital Age, customers expect a digital experience that feels natural and intuitive. Your ERP system should offer an exceptional user experience across your organization and leverage the latest innovations for faster, smoother operations. 

Does your ERP system offer real-time financial and customer insights? 

Real-time performance data helps you optimize financial processes and make smarter decisions in the moment – not after it’s too late to do anything. Insights into customer behavior also help your marketing, sales and services teams work in harmony to grow revenue. 

Does your ERP system help you regain control over your supply chain? 

The right ERP system leverages machine learning to boost visibility and agility within your supply chain, from purchasing to asset management to logistics and manufacturing. You also need a system that helps you keep production costs low and manage the whole lifecycle of your products.  

Does your ERP system meet the challenges of your industry? 

Only you know exactly what challenges your business faces. An ERP system should give you options to customize your core system to resolve your pain points – without the headaches of integration and custom coding.  

Did you answer “yes” to all of these questions? With an SAP ERP system, you can. SAP ERP systems merge 45+ years of SAP’s proven best practices with next-generation processes to eliminate unsynchronized data, tedious manual processes and frustrating downtime.  

As an experienced SAP partner, NIMBL empowers you to get the most from your SAP systems and kick-starts your digital transformation. Contact us now to get started with an SAP ERP system. 

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Written by NIMBL