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The Thrive Portfolio: How To Grow Post-Pandemic

Business Transformation

The Thrive Portfolio: How To Grow Post-Pandemic

NIMBL | Jul 07, 2020

We Have The Solutions That Empower Your Business in The New Normal

It’s safe to say that in the past few months businesses - on a global scale - have faced more threats to their success than in the previous years combined. Now more than ever, companies must thoroughly reexamine their operational processes, identify areas to cut costs and embrace a new level of agility of which they we were most likely not prepared.

As part of the Techedge Group, we at NIMBL have been anything but immune to the pain points exposed during this time. That being said it also gave us a rare opportunity to become our own customer; to pinpoint the specific solutions we needed to leverage to not only carry us through this challenging time but also to empower us moving forward.

Learn How to Thrive   During the New Normal

 companies that were seeing digital technologies just as an additional opportunity to enrich their physical businesses are now forced to put them at the center of their new strategy

– The Thrive Portfolio, Techedge Group

This self-evaluation - which ultimately led to The Thrive Profile - was driven by three specific goals: Create cost optimization, increase our efficiency and identify new business opportunities. To achieve this, we focused on solutions that categorically offered the following qualities: Visibility, Adaptability and Accountability.

Why did we focus on these specific qualities?

  • Optimized visibility into your data is crucial when making informed decisions on where to cut costs as well as identifying new business opportunities.
  • In our current climate, if you aren’t exploring a new level of adaptability then you are putting the future of your business at a grave disadvantage.
  • Finally – to truly thrive in this environment – you need uncompromising accountability. This extends beyond the expectations of your employees and should also apply to what you expect of your business processes. Simply put, you owe it to your company to immediately and completely vet your business processes. If they are found to be insufficient in any way, then they need to be upgraded.

If you're looking to reduce cost, increase productivity and exploit new revenue streams, then there's never been a more important time to explore The Thrive Portfolio.

Written by NIMBL