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Three Game Changing Chatbots (and How to Build Them)

Conversational AI

Three Game Changing Chatbots (and How to Build Them)

NIMBL | Jun 25, 2020

They’re not just for customers anymore

From technical support to scheduling a Lyft to ordering Starbucks, the practice of using Conversational AI (or Chatbots) has become essential for businesses looking to optimize the customer experience and streamline the buying process.

More recently, however, the clear benefits of Chatbots are being leveraged internally by businesses to eliminate repetitive tasks and human error to dramatically save time, money and effort. Let’s take a quick look at how internal Chatbots can provide a competitive advantage:

Your Sales Team

Your sales team is the life blood of your business. To be truly effective and – more importantly – drive sales, they need to be fully informed on every deal with every potential client. In short, they need to be able to instantly access customer information to ensure that deliverables are being met.

With the ability to connect to ANY back-end application, Chatbots provides sales reps with direct mobile access to specific orders, status and timeline eliminating the need to have to find a workspace, open a laptop and connect a VPN to SAP.

Create Your Own   Sales Order Chatbot

Your Manufacturing Team

The manufacturing floor is the perfect area of your business to employ Chatbots. Efficiently tracking, ordering and maintaining inventory levels – across multiple locations - is both time consuming and prone to human error.  In many cases, accessibility to this information is limited to in-house desktops making the process event more cumbersome.

A shop floor Chatbot streamlines the entire process and adds a never-before-experienced level of flexibility. This new functionality and convenience allows your manufacturing team to focus on keeping your customer happy.

Create Your Own  Manufacturing Floor Chatbot

Your IT Support Team

Objectively, there are few teams in your organization who could find more value in Chatbots than your IT Help Desk. This department is often overburdened with repetitive tasks like updating passwords and assigning printers when they should be focused on implementing technical upgrades and keeping your data secure.

Chatbots can create that valuable bandwidth for your Help Desk by automating these processes for your workforce. In doing so, you can dramatically increase productivity, decrease human error and drive real business value.

Create Your Own  IT Help Desk Chatbot


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