4 Ways SAP Analytics Cloud Will Save You Money Right Now

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4 Ways SAP Analytics Cloud Will Save You Money Right Now

NIMBL | Jun 01, 2020

Since early 2020,  businesses worldwide have had to adapt and address new challenges in order to thrive in the new normal. As we continue to evolve our best practices for all our customers, it has become clear that for your company to survive (and thrive) you need to increase your importance of strategic innovation across departments. This can only be possible if you have comprehensive and real-time view of ALL your business data. We've reviewed our customer success stories and dozens of online articles on how SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) brings benefits to companies across all industries. Here are the top four ways SAC saves businesses money, right now:


#1: Pinpoint Areas to Cut Costs and Take Action

In the new normal, it is essential that you find specific areas of business where you are either overspending or not receiving an acceptable ROI. When making these decisions, you must (1) have all the possible information at your fingertips and (2) are using a tool to effectively decipher your data. SAP Analytics Cloud is that tool. With this tool, you have access to real-time data and synchronize data from your entire infrastructure and present it in easy to digest dashboards. When your team implements SAP Analytics Cloud, the areas of overspending jump off the screen.

Knowing that few decisions have greater impact to a company than where it chooses to cut costs, having a tool like SAP Analytics Cloud allows you to make the most informed decision possible. 

#2: Lower Your TCO

Maintenance, repair and constant upgrading of on-site infrastructure can be a legitimate cost burden for businesses serious about cutting costs. By implementing cloud solutions, you are immediately lowering your total cost of ownership (TCO) and eliminating costs (and time) required by your IT team. In addition to the cost benefits, SAP Analytics Cloud provides even more savings due to being a single platform for both Planning and Business Intelligence; meaning you don't have to buy, implement, and manage multiple analytics tools. Simultaneously, SAP Analytics Cloud lowers your spend while enabling your business analysts, decision-makers and stakeholders to collaborate and plan using a single system.

#3: Identify Profitable Products/Customers

Attracting new customers and promoting new services should remain a high priority for your business. While remote work and virtual companies are on the rise, you also want to be aware of the customers and products that are currently driving profit to your business. With SAP Analytics Cloud, you can integrate live data between your Sales, Production and Accounting departments to identify which customers are bringing you the most revenue. This data can then be used to instantly pinpoint sales opportunities and drive more revenue to your company. 

#4: Explore Better Business Strategies

There’s never been a better time to review your business processes, sales pipeline and revenue driving activities to see what’s working and what is not. This process this takes time that you currently likely don't have and collaboration functionality that you might not currently possess. SAP Analytics Cloud solves these problems by providing real-time reporting and online aggregation of data. Instead of spending your time sifting through the information, you can get right to exploring scenarios with SAC’s Predictive Forecasting. Predictive Forecasting allows you to leverage historical data to predict future outcomes and identify new strategies to make your business more profitable.

Whichever route you choose to cut costs and drive drive value to your business, it's critical that you all the information to consider.

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Written by NIMBL