Four Ways SAP Analytics Cloud Will Save You Money Right Now

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Four Ways SAP Analytics Cloud Will Save You Money Right Now

Jake Eisbart | Jun 01, 2020

As businesses worldwide slowly adapt to The New Normal, it has become increasingly clear that for your company to survive (and thrive) you need to be more strategic than ever in where you spend your money. This can only be possible if you have comprehensive and current view of ALL your business data. Our Marketing Team has reviewed dozens of articles on how SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) can bring this level of business value to your company. We’ve compiled the top four answers below.  


#1: Pinpoint Areas to Cut Costs

In times like these, it’s essential to find areas in your business where you are either overspending or not receiving an acceptable ROI. When making these decisions, it’s crucial that you (1) have all the necessary information at your disposal and (2) are using a tool or method to effectively distill and decipher that information. SAP Analytics Cloud can – in real time - synchronize data from across your entire infrastructure and present it to decision makers in easy-to-digest dashboards, graphs and reports.

Knowing that few decisions have greater impact to a company than where it chooses to cut costs, having a tool like SAP Analytics Cloud allows you to make the most informed decision possible. 

#2: Lower Your TCO

The maintenance, repair and upgrading of on-site infrastructure can be a legitimate cost burden for companies looking for ways to save real money. Implementing cloud solutions immediately lowers your total cost of ownership and eliminates the cost (and time) required by internal IT resources. In addition to all these cost benefits, SAP Analytics cloud provides you with even more savings by being a single platform for both Planning and Business Intelligence; meaning that you no longer have to buy, implement, and manage multiple analytics point solutions. This not only lowers your spend but also allows all your business analysts, decision-makers and stakeholders to work, collaborate and plan on a  single system.


#3: Identify Profitable Products/Customers

Attracting new customers and promoting new services should always be of the highest priority to your company. In times like these, however, you also want to be certain not to ignore the customers and products that are currently driving profit to your business. SAP Analytics Cloud allows you to integrate live data between your Sales, Production and Accounting departments to find which customers are bringing the most revenue to your company, which products or services they are using (and which ones they need) and their overall buying patterns revealing when they are most likely to purchase again. This data can then be used to instantly pinpoint sales opportunities and drive revenue to your company. 


#4: Explore Better Business Strategies

There’s never been a better time to review your business processes, sales pipeline and revenue generating opportunities to see what’s working and what needs to be improved. Essential action like this takes time that you currently might not have and collaboration functionality that you might not currently possess. SAP Analytics Cloud solves these problems and more. The real-time reporting and online calculation and aggregation of data frees up time for you to explore a limitless amount of scenarios with SAC’s Predictive Forecasting. This function allows you to leverage historical data to predict future outcomes and immediately identify strategies to make your business more profitable.

Whichever route you choose to cut costs and drive drive value to your business, it's critical that you all the information to consider.

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Written by Jake Eisbart