Four Ways Moving to the Cloud Will Save You Money Right Now

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Four Ways Moving to the Cloud Will Save You Money Right Now

Jake Eisbart | Jun 01, 2020

Our current climate has led businesses – on a global scale - to place their primary focus on finding new ways to cut costs without sacrificing innovation.  While there are many proven tactics to reduce spend, few options offer the functional benefits and upgrades to your business processes that come with moving to the cloud. Our marketing team has reviewed dozens of articles on the subject and filtered it down to the top four examples below.

#1: Lower Your TCO

One of the most significant cost savings of “moving to the cloud” comes in the phrase itself. In moving, you will actively be eliminating spend on expensive infrastructure and all the costs associated with the maintenance, repair and updating of all that hardware. What is equally important to realize is that your IT Staff – Whose time was formally monopolized with this infrastructure’s support – is now free to focus on other areas of the business in need of optimization. Finally, a successful migration to the cloud also means the removal of all the bulky machinery; which will simultaneously lower your energy bill and free up space to bring in billable employees.


#2: Protect Your Data

When you are talking about your company's data, any risk at all is too much risk. Recovering from a data-breach at any scale is a costly and time-consuming endeavor. You are also at certain risk of losing customers when they learn that their data is not secure. Trusted hosts like Google Cloud guarantee that all data is encrypted with no action required by your support staff. In addition, Google Cloud can help you with your regulatory needs, whether it be HIPAA, FedRAMP, SOC1/SOC2/SOC3, or maintaining compliance with GDPR. Knowing that a HIPPA compliance violation can cost up to $50,000 and a fine for GDPR non-compliance can run in the millions, having those security measures in place makes all the sense in the world.


#3: Control Your Spend

An effective way save money is to eliminate as many instances of “surprise spending” as possible.  By taking advantage of the subscription-based model and autoscaling features that most Cloud Hosts offer, you can leverage a pay-as-you-go system by user and extra storage. (Sustained use and committed use discounts can help you save even more.) This means that you will have greater control of your spend and budget your business operations more effectively. Compare this to the on-premise structure in which extra storage brings with it fees that include purchasing new equipment, shipping, installation, testing; and continued maintenance; all this occurring before the storage space can even be leveraged.  


#4: Maintain Your Operations

It is a gross oversimplification to say that our current state of events has affected the way that businesses operate. As working remote became the norm, companies unable to leverage the functionality that cloud computing provides now find themselves at a grave disadvantage. On the contrary, companies that have migrated to the cloud offer their employees a seamless experience in terms of collaboration, accessing secure documents and maintaining the same levels of productivity as if they were sitting at their office desk. Being able to immediately pivot when unforeseen events arise without having any major effect on your business processes as an invaluable benefit of a successful cloud migration.

The cost savings realized along with the innovation achieved should make moving to the cloud a legitimate option for your business. To further discuss all your cloud hosting and migration options, schedule a meeting with our Cloud Hosting Team below.

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Written by Jake Eisbart