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Evolve Your Business with Data Integration Tools

SAP Cloud Platform

Evolve Your Business with Data Integration Tools

NIMBL | Apr 19, 2019

Adapt or Fade Away

The adage 'Adapt or Fade Away' has never been truer than in today’s digital economy. To compete in a fast-paced market, a unified cloud platform is required create innovative, cutting-edge solutions. Enter SAP Cloud Platform – an open business platform that empowers you to integrate applications, leverage new cloud-native technologies and adapt quickly to customers’ changing needs. 

The four reasons why your company needs SAP Cloud Platform 

#1. To build more robust applications

Boost your competitive advantage with smart business applications that incorporate the Internet of Things (IoT), machine learning, predictive analytics and other state-of-the-art technologies. Through a single, holistic cloud platform, you can create mobile-ready applications that streamline your internal operations and help you serve customers. Integrate your applications in the cloud or on-premises with prepackaged integration options and connectivity with third-party applications. 

#2. To improve your user experience

Users expect – even demand – a consistent experience on multiple devices. Whether customers use your applications on web, mobile, portal or conversational channels, SAP Cloud Platform gives you the tools to create an attractive, intuitive and personalized user experience – faster than ever before. The easier you make it for users to collaborate and access relevant business content across digital touch points, the less reason they have to go anywhere else.  

#3. To gain insights from your data

Your business data holds the keys to accelerated growth, smoother processes and higher customer satisfaction. SAP Cloud Platform helps you manage and analyze large volumes of data – including unstructured, streaming, IoT and Big Data – for insights you can act on in real time. With advanced in-memory data management technology, you can more effectively predict outcomes and find new opportunities in every aspect of your organization. 

#4. To futureproof your business

Don’t hinder your growth by investing in applications that won’t scale with you. SAP Cloud Platform gives you the freedom to deploy on all major hyperscaler infrastructures for unparalleled flexibility. It also leverages open-source innovations, allowing you to easily integrate and extend your existing applications. Companies can use SAP Cloud Platform as a foundation to build Intelligent Enterprises that react and adapt quickly to new opportunities.  

NIMBL helps you unlock the value of your digital transformation by deploying, supporting and enhancing the right SAP solutions for your business. Contact us today to learn how you can leverage SAP Cloud Platform to power your innovation.  

Download the eBook or speak to our team to learn more: 

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Written by NIMBL