Empowering Your Sales Team with Chatbots

Conversational AI

Empowering Your Sales Team with Chatbots

NIMBL | Jan 20, 2020

Chatbots: They’re Not Just for Customers

From technical support to scheduling a Lyft to ordering Starbucks, chatbots have all but become an expectation of people looking for a fast and informed on-line transaction.  

More recently, however, the clear benefits of Chatbots (or Conversational AI) have begun to be leveraged internally by businesses to dramatically save companies time, money and effort. Let’s take a quick look at how internal chatbots can provide a competitive advantage to your sales team through real-time customer insight.


Following the overview, you will have an opportunity to learn how to build your own Sales Order Chatbot in less than 20 minutes.

Instant Customer Data Means Long Term Customer Satisfaction

Your sales team is the life blood of your business. To be truly effective and – more importantly – drive sales, they need to be fully informed on every aspect of every deal with every client or client-to-be. This means that whether on-site with a client, on the road or traveling between meetings, your sales team needs to be able to instantly access customer information to ensure that deliverables are being met.

SAP Sales Order Chatbot

With the ability to connect to ANY back-end application, Conversational AI provides sales reps with direct mobile access to specific orders, status and timeline eliminating the need to have to find a workspace, open a laptop and connect a VPN to SAP. In a field where "time kills deals", providing your sales team with the ability to instantly access crucial customer data could make the difference on whether or not they close the deal.

Learn how to set up your own Sales Order Chatbot in 20 minutes in our Video Guide below. 

Sales Order Chatbot Video Guide CTA

Written by NIMBL