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Embracing Choice and Flexibility for SAP Customers

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Embracing Choice and Flexibility for SAP Customers

NIMBL | Jul 29, 2021

Enabling new ways to compete and innovate with NIMBL and Google Cloud

You may have seen the recent news that a key piece of SAP's cloud partnership with Microsoft Azure has expired. Going forward, the two companies will no longer promote Azure as a preferred hyperscale cloud for running SAP workloads.

SAP's decision to wind down its Embrace partnership is significant because it recognizes the importance of choice and flexibility for customers. It gives SAP an opportunity to show customers a wider range of partnerships, technology integrations, and other ways to leverage their cloud investments. And it clears the way for Google Cloud, in particular, to show SAP customers how to use the cloud as a platform for innovation and growth.

Despite arrangements like Embrace, customers appreciate choice. According to one recent study, 92% of enterprises are now implementing multi-cloud strategies, and these enterprises run workloads across an average of 2.6 public clouds. Today's cloud is a dynamic and rapidly evolving environment — and it's one where the idea of a "preferred" cloud does not seem to resonate with SAP customers.

Choices and the Value of Cloud Competition

With Embrace ending and SAP customers enjoying greater choice and flexibility, where do we go from here? How does customer choice actually translate into a business advantage?

First, ending Embrace puts SAP in a much stronger position to share ideas and opportunities with customers. That includes exploring different types of partnerships with a wider range of cloud partners and platforms. It will be much easier for customers to choose cloud partners based on their own business and technology needs.

In the long run, however, there's another benefit for customers. It's now much easier for SAP customers to assess cloud providers as platforms for innovation and growth. There's tremendous value, for example, in putting a customer's SAP environment next to a cutting-edge analytics application or unique AI and machine learning tools. While it's important to implement SAP on reliable and scalable cloud infrastructure, the real value today comes from a platform that gives companies new ways to compete, innovate, and understand their customers.

What The End Of Embrace Means to NIMBL

From our point of view as an SAP implementation partner, Google Cloud gives SAP customers value as a platform for innovation. It gives SAP customers very powerful and unique AI/ML capabilities, advanced analytics, and the ability to run near real-time queries on massive datasets. Google Cloud also offers some major advantages in terms of its sustainability track record and its pioneering work with Kubernetes — making it a great cloud-native software development platform.

Our work with Southwire Company drives home the possibilities with Google Cloud. Southwire got an SAP platform that delivered next-level reliability but tied up far fewer IT resources; offered a fast path to value with SAP HANA and other key upgrades; and supports future upgrades to its factory automation and disaster recovery capabilities.

Every customer brings unique expectations to its cloud journey. Today, SAP is on a much better path to ensure that customers get the right cloud partners and technology solutions for their needs. And that's great news for SAP customers that want to be sure their cloud investments will deliver lasting value.

Written by NIMBL