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Developing Secure Innovations with SAP Business Technology Platform


Developing Secure Innovations with SAP Business Technology Platform

Nathan Williams
Nathan Williams | Apr 05, 2022

SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP) provides a multitude of capabilities to help customers achieve agility, gain business value, and promote continual innovation. BTP is considered the foundational technical layer used to help businesses achieve their own unique and competitive version of an Intelligent Enterprise. 

For a successful Intelligent Enterprise, businesses need access to services and innovative technologies that will give full insights into their operations. BTP provides a buffet of these technologies, allowing businesses to strategically enable specific services to build applications unique to their requirements. Database, Analytics, Integration, Application Development, and Intelligent Technologies are all offered as a service. Organizations are equipped with a Swiss Army Knife that enables them to innovate and push new ideas to market at a pace never done before. 

For this reason, BTP is a top priority and at the center of SAP’s overall innovation strategy.

BTP provides both Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Software as a Service (SaaS) options which offer businesses multiple ways to utilize BTP’s cloud resources. With these options the hardware, the runtime, and the operating system for example are provided “as a service”. Activities related to setting up, maintaining, and upgrading the software development environment are owned by the cloud provider. Developers working within these environments are able to place a dedicated focus on creating innovations rapidly and efficiently. It is up to the cloud provider to maintain the platform, reducing costs for the organizations and ultimately placing an emphasis on creating the best possible experiences for the business. With the PaaS model within SAP BTP, developers are able to leverage The Extension Suite and write code in almost any language then run those applications on BTP. 

The PaaS model enables IT teams to focus on building new innovations– decreasing the time to value. Furthermore, the intellectual property associated with these  applications, extensions, and enhancements built on BTP are decoupled from SAP’s core solution code. This provides developers the flexibility to quickly develop new applications and make modifications without disrupting existing business processes. 

Developing these applications with security in mind is essential. Too often, security issues and vulnerabilities are addressed as part of the initial platform setup and then later, as part of the testing process. For a truly protected environment, developers must build applications with security in mind as part of a continuous delivery approach.  Addressing security controls should not begin and end with system administrators.

NIMBL has recently authored an E-Bite (March 2022), published by SAP Press, to help guide developers (and administrators) with how to reduce SAP system vulnerabilities and create secure cloud applications that run on BTP. Technical administrators, developers, and security teams will learn how to ensure the overall security of innovations and applications deployed onto BTP. 

Developing Secure Cloud Applications with SAP BTP, written by Gary Prewett (Practice Lead, Security and Compliance) and Nathan Williams (Practice Director, Development and Innovation) provides tactical information pertaining to understanding security best practices. Developers will learn critical techniques in order to address specific cloud application weaknesses. The E-Bite provides detailed instructions for how to set up user authentication and authorization control in your applications developed on BTP. Readers will enjoy in-depth content that addresses the fundamentals of AppSec and cloud security specific to BTP. 


Nathan Williams
Written by Nathan Williams

As NIMBL's Director of Development and Innovation, Nathan leads an organization of accomplished technology enthusiasts who are experts in Application Development, Automation, Integration, and... READ MORE