Cost Effective Innovation with SAP Cloud Platform

SAP Cloud Platform

Cost Effective Innovation with SAP Cloud Platform

NIMBL | Apr 17, 2018

Limitless Options and Business Value

The Business Technology market today is overflowing with software and services engineered for a world where cloud computing is becoming standard practice. Overall cost, ease of use, and employee adoption are all critical factors when deciding which software to choose; but functionality continues to be of the highest priority. Often times, all of these criteria are not fully met on one platform...until now. SAP Cloud Platform represents both the cost effective and business transformative choice for decision makers looking optimize their company’s business processes.  

Integrate with ease

SAP Cloud Platform (also SAPCP) is the highly-versatile solution for the integration of cloud technology into a company’s business model; both for the optimization of their customer-experience, as well as their internal processes. Offered as a PaaS (Platform As A Service), SAP Cloud Platform not only integrates with SAP S/4HANA on premise as well as SAP S/4HANA Cloud, it can also function as a standalone platform for the development of new cloud applications. Integration Services, Analytics Cloud, Fiori Cloud, and SAP Machine Learning Leonardo are just a few examples of the available cloud applications that allow users to gradually assimilate different phases of their business processes into the Cloud Platform, at their convenience.


Decision Makers know the importance of providing the best customer experience possible; SAP Cloud Platform allows companies to develop and build cloud-based applications personalized for services they provide without the need to invest in expensive on-premise hardware. In turn, this lowers total cost of ownership. Combined with cutting-edge analytics services and business intelligence, customer-oriented applications can also help a company learn about their users’ tendencies and behavior. Using the information and insights from BI allows developers to shape existing applications to further the impact of their customer experience.

Customized applications

SAP Cloud Platform services are not only focused on developing customer-targeted applications; through cloud services, organizations can also build customized applications that address internal business processes and operations.

Companies that need to speed up and simplify anything from accounting processes to workflows can develop applications that help them do this on SAP Cloud Platform.

With the benefit of the BYOL (Bring Your Own Language), SAPCP’s framework lets developers use a wide variety of development languages to build their apps; this means less money spent on hiring experts or retraining your staff to adapt to a limited framework. SAP Cloud Platform’s Analytics Services and predictive insights will also prove beneficial in revealing both business advantages and opportunities to improve processes.

Further innovation can be applied with SAPCP’s machine learning and IoT (Internet of Things) capabilities. Decision Makers in the Industrial Sector, for example, will find these services especially useful as they can analyze real-time data from their manufacturing machines, transportation, and storage facilities, to name a few examples. This data can then be used to fine-tune anything from production-line processes to resource consumption.

Greater knowledge, better decisions

Using a Platform as a Service allows companies the capability to develop applications without the need for costly infrastructure to support and host them, with the added benefit of having a collection of useful services at their disposal. SAPCP is the ideal choice for a Cloud Platform not only for its cloud services and versatility, but also because it will provide Decision Makers with a wealth of knowledge about their business and their customers allowing them to make better-informed and more precise decisions. CEO’s, CFO’s, and other deciders can greatly empower their organizations and their own roles with the capabilities offered through SAP Cloud Platform.

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Written by NIMBL