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Enhance your Cloud Structure with IaC

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Enhance your Cloud Structure with IaC

NIMBL | Aug 09, 2022
Uncovering Infrastructure as Code

With the growing popularity of cloud transformation, Infrastructure as Code (IaC) has become a buzzword across industries. Just as the name implies, IaC is the management of IT infrastructure through the use of code. Traditionally, this infrastructure is physically managed. Now the cloud presents the ability to completely manage an infrastructure virtually. Essentially, your servers, databases, networks, and other infrastructure components are treated like software. These components are managed in the cloud by using lines of code instead of the standard operating processes and physical hardware. This code helps users configure and deploy infrastructure needs quickly and consistently, while automating this deployment.

Benefits of IaC

Cloud migration and Infrastructure as Code go hand in hand, and here are some ways that IaC enhances your cloud landscape:  

Increase productivity 
One of the first noticeable benefits of IaC is that it increases productivity in your IT department by allowing the automation of all infrastructure processes and data centers management. Since these tasks are no longer handed manually, it saves time, reduces operational costs, and minimizes the risk of human error. Additionally, IaC standardizes all processes so there is no longer a need to have manual oversight. IT staff are now free to focus on different projects that help increase business value. 

Business agility
Since technology capabilities constantly change, it is vital for companies to develop functionalities that are adaptable. Moreover, to remain relevant, companies must implement technical updates faster than their competitors. In the past, infrastructure changes were managed through extensive, time-intensive manual work, which would drain resources and sometimes cause setbacks. But with IaC, companies can now redesign their infrastructure in a matter of hours, enabling them to implement new features quickly. As a result, this provides the needed business agility to stay ahead of the competition. 

Version control & testing
In addition to timely updates, it is also important that updates are reliable for companies. If there are any broken features, workflow will slow down and business impacted while the issues are fixed. Because IaC provides the management of infrastructure virtually, new infrastructure can be tested and versions can be managed and stored so that a quick rollback is possible in case issues arise. Updates can also be grouped with changes in infrastructure, which allows for a consistent and coherent package to be deployed and guarantees a greater quality and control of any new functionality.

Is IaC suitable for your company?
Infrastructure as Code allows companies of all sizes to better manage their IT and cloud infrastructures, comply with policies, maximize efficiency, and minimize operational costs. If your company has already transitioned to the Cloud, IaC is the natural next step in digital transformation.

NIMBL has helped many companies transition from manual, error-prone deployments to a modern, fast, and reliable IaC managed infrastructure. To learn more about NIMBL’s Cloud capabilities, download our “Cloud Migration for SAP Workloads” whitepaper here. 


Written by NIMBL