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Cheat Sheet: Augmenting SAP BusinessObjects vs Migrating to SAP Analytics Cloud

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Cheat Sheet: Augmenting SAP BusinessObjects vs Migrating to SAP Analytics Cloud

NIMBL | Sep 30, 2020


As the 12/31 sunset of Adobe flash approaches, BusinessObjects (BOBJ) customers have two primary options when it comes to best leveraging their business analytics software: Supplement your current BOBJ architecture with SAP Analytics Cloud or Migrate from BOBJ to SAC.

Let’s first take a take a look at a functionality comparison:

Feature Comparison V2

As you can see, using BOBJ proves to be more effective if your looking to stay on-premise. BOBJ is also the preferred choice if your business uses highly formatted reporting. SAC, however, is the better option for businesses looking to access tools for planning and augmented analytics. More importantly, if you have plans to move your company to S/4HANA, then you should ideally be looking at SAC.


Now let’s take a deeper look at your two options.


Scenario #1:

You are currently on BOBJ and want to continue using Explorer and/or Dashboards.

Scenerio 1 V2

In this scenario, you will be augmenting your architecture by replacing BOBJ Dashboards and Explorer with SAC “Stories” and Applications. Lumira will remain in place as both Analysis for Office and Broadcasting maintain their functionality on both softwares.

As a note, you will be rightsizing your BOBJ licensing and maintenance spend; the savings on which you can then put towards your SAC licensing. You’ll also have the option of upgrading BOBJ to version 4.3. For this option, we are offering our customers a fixed fee SAC deployment and SAC training.


Scenario #2:

You are currently on BOBJ and would like to replace it completely with a full migration to SAC.

Scenerio 2 V2

In this scenario, your first step is evaluating your users’ needs and confirming that SAP Analytics Cloud can meet all of them. For this you will need a BI Strategy that includes ensuring that your architecture and tool set supports these needs. Prior to the migration you’ll need to acquire SAC licensing and the final step of the project is sunsetting all BOBJ systems and licenses. For this option as well, we are providing our customers with a fixed fee SAC deployment and SAC training.

We’re happy to discuss any additional questions you might have with a complimentary demo or you can view your option in more detail here.

Click below to watch the Video Guide for more information.

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Written by NIMBL