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10 Ways SAP S/4HANA will Increase Your Productivity


10 Ways SAP S/4HANA will Increase Your Productivity

NIMBL | Jan 26, 2021

Just as individual workers can employ unique exercises to increase their productivity, so too can an entire business. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) tools like SAP S/4HANA have machine learning which speeds up queries, advanced analytics that can immediately identify areas to cut costs and ways to increase profitability. It all runs SAP HANA – a market-leading in-memory database which provides real-time processing speeds and a dramatically simplified data model. Below are 10 specific ways that S/4HANA will save you time so you can focus on growing your business (with hyperlinks to specific examples). 



Improved User Experience with SAP Fiori

SAP Fiori Launchpad

Past users of SAP GUI spent a considerable amount of time having either search from program to program or use memorized T-codes to navigate to the proper application. The SAP Fiori Launchpad puts all of your applications in one place via easy to maneuver tiles and hyperlinks which improves user experience.

SAP Fiori Launch Pad


Instant Search

A search bar inside SAP S/4HANA immediately identifies every instance of your keyword – even if misspelled - in the entire HANA database. You can then filter the keyword down to instantly discover specific data – in this case a purchase order has been filtered down by user, supplier, purchasing group and data created. These streamlined searches save an invaluable amount of time and allow you to focus on more value add activities.


Workflow Optimization

Proper communication and execution is the key to any successful project. Time sensitive tasks can often get lost in unread emails causing projects unnecessary lag time. The Fiori Launchpad provides instant notification alerts – by count and in plain view – to ensure that mission critical workflows are ever interrupted. These notifications also appear on the mobile application, meaning all actions can instantly be viewed and approved regardless of time or location.


In App Training

Fiori’s Enable Now provides active user assistance and in-app training sessions to help educate your entire user base when they need it the most. That means that if you have forgotten how to create a purchase order or request – you no longer have to spend time exiting the entire system to find the correct training. Fiori’s Enable Now offers you the ability to instantly access click thru instruction without you having to exit the system.



Intelligent Infrastructure

Conversational AI

SAP’s Co-pilot allows you to efficiently manage your day-to-day activities via built-in conversational AI (chatbots). Instead of searching outside the system or expending your co-workers time for answers, you can ask your SAP Co-pilot using everyday language and instantly get the required information and training. In addition, the SAP Co-pilot understands business context and is able to proactively suggest solutions using predictive functionality.


Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

RPA instantly frees up your bandwidth by automating repetitive and time-consuming tasks like mass data changes, transfers, and updates. From sales to sourcing and procurement to finance management, RPA automates what were once fully manual activities like the sharing of data with vendors and customers whether they be emails or spreadsheets. By eliminating these tedious assignments via RPA automation, you can now focus on more mission critical activities.

Robotic Process Automation Example


Machine Learning

SAP S/4HANA actively leverages Machine Learning to streamline all of your business processes by employing statistical models and algorithms to anticipate your decisions and optimize them accordingly. Across every department, Machine Learning instantaneously records human patterns and provides suggestions and solutions that would otherwise have to be searched for manually.


Improved Data Management

Predictive Analytics

In what is both a time saver and revenue generator, Predictive Analytics can access “forward looking data” which allows you to anticipate and plan out mission critical processes. Using cash management as an example, predictive analytics can retrieve cash transactions that have not yet fully closed to view future cash positions. You can also place that cash into “what if” scenarios to forecast potential revenue streams.


Simplified Data Tables

SAP S/4HANA automatically creates cross-functional views of all your data which eliminates the need for you to bring in a developer to create the custom reports. This means that you can now simultaneously view financial data against sales, procurement or controlling data – in real time – without having to wait for your IT team for support. The combined simplicity and speed of these reports will free up valuable time that can be better served to plan out your business.

Simplified Data Tables in SAP S/4HANA


Speed of Reporting

The in-memory HANA database allows you to perform online transactional processing (entering an order) while viewing online analytical processing (reports on that order) in real time. Previous to this feature, reports were based on data from the previous evening resulting in inconsistencies based on time gaps. Now you can plan your projects, purchases and revenue generation initiatives based on the absolute most current data.  



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Written by NIMBL