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About Us

We are NIMBL

Sergio Green Bottom Right

Sergio Cipolla


Robert Jerome NIMBL VP of Strategy and Innovation

Robert Jerome

VP of Strategy and Innovation


Chris Adams

Practice Director

Leonardo De Biasi

Leonardo De Biasi

Practice Director


Nathan Williams

Practice Director

David Morante

David Morante

VP of Human Resources

Life at NIMBL

Our Culture is what brings our people together

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Our People Make The Difference.

Our greatest asset is our people.

We are innovative and passionate thought leaders always striving for excellence in our craft.

Focusing on opportunities to grow as individuals, to build trusting relationships within our teams and to provide unique solutions to our clients is more than a priority to us - it is ingrained in our DNA.

For more information on the people that make NIMBL such a wonderful place to work, view our LinkedIn Page.


Let's meet Will

Practice Lead, Corporate Performance Management

Statistics & Economics, University of Michigan
It's not how proficient you are at day one of work but how willing you are to build upon your experiences each day.
Responsibility motivates me the most. When I am given the full responsibility over a specific task I am determined to deliver the best possible. I believe responsibility is also another person's trust and faith on you.

Let's meet Antonella

SAP Solutions Architect

Software Engineering, UPC - Universidad Peruana de Ciencias aplicadas
The experience of working in a company like Techedge, recognized worldwide, makes one feel proud and want to learn more and more about the different technologies in which Techedge innovates.
When I'm out of the office I love to make cakes and desserts. Also, I really enjoy going on a trip / walk (no matter the place) with my family. Spending different days away from home.

Let's meet Paola

Deputy Practice Manager

Master's Degree in Automation Engineering, Bachelor's Degree in Computer Engineering - Politecnico di Bari, Bari, Italy
As soon as I arrived at Techedge I had the opportunity to work in a winning team, obtaining numerous awards for the excellent work done by the client. I was able to put into practice the values ​​of Techedge: to enhance the talent of people by working in a team, moreover with the passage of time I was able to increase my technical, functional and relational skills.
I consider myself a dynamic person (for many hyperactive), a lover of sports, but also of good food and good wine :-)

Let's meet Panagiotis

Sales Consultant

Controlling, Management and Information - University of Business and Society Ludwigshafen
I love being part of a very special company. As a global IT manufacture, Techedge represents something unique and gives companies the extra push for digitalisation. International flair, challenging projects and great teamwork motivate me every day. As a Sales Expert, I am passionate about attracting, developing and retaining customers for the long term.
In my free time I like to go out, explore new restaurants and do a lot of sports. In addition, I constantly try to further my personal education and broaden my horizons.

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