What’s New in Solution Manager 7.2 SP05

As with all versions of Solution Manager, SAP regularly releases new Support Packages providing enhancements and corrections to known issues. Usually the even number support packs contain corrections only while the odd numbered support packages contain corrections and enhancements. On May 9th 2017, SAP released the latest version of Solution Manager 7.2 with Support Package 05. This release provided enhancements in a variety of areas.

One of the more notable changes is an entirely new capability within Process Management. SAP has now provided an option for exporting and importing Solution Documentation. With this, you can export the entire contents of a branch within a single solution and import the contents into another branch or into another solution manager entirely. You also have the ability to save all KW documents, TBOMs, or Test Configurations assigned to a branch to a transport request. The transport can then be moved to a different SAP Solution Manager system as a target within a transport landscape. Keep in mind job documentation is not currently supported for export and import. Beyond that, the graphical editor for creating business processes has also been enhanced. They have improved the overall design of the editor making it more usable and the global diagram elements have been improved. This includes new Universal diagrams that can be used as a starting point for building your own business process diagrams. Diagrams can now be exported and imported as well.

Business Process Operations has also seen some valuable enhancements. You now have the ability to export all types of monitoring objects, Alerting Objects, Analytics objects and job monitoring objects. Within Application Operations there have been a wide variety of improvements as well. Interface and Connection monitoring allows for the monitoring of STAD records (statistical Data) for web services. Flat File interfaces can now be monitored for the last updated folder. SAP has also added an analytics page to the SAPUI5 dashboards for Job, HANA/BI Monitoring, PI Monitoring, and Message Flow Monitoring allowing for additional views of the monitoring data.

Furthermore, Change Control Management and IT Service Management have also seen some modifications. The most notable of these changes includes a new Quality Gate Management SAP Fiori App to enable for the pass, not pass, and reset Q-Gates, allowing approval or rejection of urgent changes. Also Downgrade protection is now available for non-ABAP systems, supporting the imminent downgrade and predecessor checks. ITSM has a new Resolve and Dispatch incidents Fiori app, enabling the ability to send incidents back to the reporter with an immediate solution, request further information from the reporter, or dispatch incidents to other support teams. Lastly Data Volume Management also has four new Fiori apps: Data Aging, Unused Data, BW Savings and BW Savings Potential.

For a complete list of all changes and new enhancements please check out the SAP Help Website at: https://help.sap.com/viewer/10e6d9cb3bc740e6a4c41588d9fc07a3/7.2.05/en-US/61f48903f1e240eb8419c8f657aa7481.html

If you would like more information on SAP Solution Manager 7.2, please contact Jereme.swoboda@benimbl.com