Strategic Advisory

Trusted SAP Adviser.  SAP is a complex software. Not to mention – it ain’t cheap. Wouldn’t it be amazing to have a trusted go-to partner to assist in driving the most out of your business-critical asset? Look no further. NIMBL provides our customers with non-nonsense no-spin objective advice based on our years of expertise and experience. Sure SAP services put food on our table… but we always do what’s best for our customers because we are in it for the long haul. As opposed to being in it for the quick win.

Helping You Maximize What You Own.  We believe strongly in assisting our customers in maximizing that which you already own. With your 22% annual maintenance cost, there are a myriad of products and services you most likely are not even aware of. Need some free testing licenses? Want the Mothership to perform some free pre Go-Live checks? Need some SAP Value Engineering advice? How can Solution Manager drive tangible value to our company? NIMBL supports our customers in this all day.

We Are Sharers.  NIMBL is constantly learning and in turn – sharing our knowledge with our customers. If you are not up to speed on the latest and greatest SAP functionality, you are not only failing to maximize your SAP investment but failing in providing its value to the business. Our SAP product experts provide you with where the software is going – so you know – and are better educated on how SAP can most effectively improve your company. We love to share. It’s who we are.

Maturing Your SAP Operations.  One of the benefits of partnering with NIMBL is working with a consulting shop privileged in seeing how many organizations best leverage SAP.  This provides tremendous benefit across many aspects of an SAP environment including already live installations. NIMBL’s SAP Center of Excellence Engineers work closely with our customers in driving process-improvement, COE restructuring, tool-optimization and people coaching – all founded in ITIL-based standards.

Preparing For the Future.  Your CIO is asking for your three year SAP roadmap? Your team needs to begin preparing for integrating a soon-to-be massive acquisition? You want architect a landscape optimization to save your company millions?  Have no fear. We got your back. NIMBL’s seasoned, talented and passionate SAP technologists live for strategic advisory and support our clients in making them successful. While we most definitely excel at the tactical – one of our major strengths resides in the strategic.