Solution Manager


We are Soul-Men and Women.  Our SAP Solution Manager expertise is – without question – one of the strongest in North America. Around the SAP ALM wheel – from the Technical (TechOps, Managed Systems, etc.) to the Application (ChaRM, ITSM, Solution Documentation, Test Workbench, Scope and Effort Analyzer, etc.) – we deliver the true value of SAP’s Best Practice implementation and post-production toolset.

The Only Thing Constant is Change.  Managing change through an SAP landscape is critical to the stability of your business.  Solution Manager’s ChaRM (Change Request Management) operationalizes your change management process across your environment by instilling rules, discipline, workflow and structure. Our Solution Manager Practice has mastered the ChaRM implementation by templatizing a rapid out-of-the-box rollout. Remember Larry that Basis Admin who always promoted unapproved transports in the middle of the night? Well, Larry’s been fired.

Technical Operations.  The manual monitoring of SAP systems is so 2011. With NIMBL’s Solution Manager team, we have performed more (Solution Manager) diagnostics and monitoring than Star Trek’s Dr. “Bones” McCoy. Automate the critical technical monitoring of key metrics so you are ahead of issues as opposed to hearing about them from your boss. NIMBL makes this easy… and you look like a hero.

“Testing is Fun” (Said No One, Ever).  With NIMBL as your Solution Manager partner – while  we can’t make testing fun – we definitely can make it easier and more effective. Our testing expertise spans not only Solution Manager’s Testing capabilities but also seamlessly integrates best-in-class testing toolsets such as HP Quality Center and Worksoft just to name a few.

Accelerate Your EHP Upgrade.  For those of us who have been around SAP forever- we remember the days when our Basis team was tasked with reviewing hundreds of OSS notes as part of an upgrade. “Hey Larry? Which notes are going to break our system?” No more. With NIMBL’s Solution Manager Gurus we leverage Solution Manager tools such as Scope and Effort Analyzer and Business Process Change Analyzer to predicatively understand the impact of your specific EHP and exact SAP landscape.