Protecting Your System Beyond Internal Threats.  Focusing on SAP authorization profiles is so 2010 and quite frankly – table stakes now.  No longer can companies simply focus on internal Segregation of Duty violations. It’s beyond your four walls that you should be protecting against.  Our Cyber-security anti-hackers are seasoned and experienced in maximizing the security around your SAP investment.  Our customers sleep better at night knowing NIMBL has deployed Fort Knox-level protection.

Keep the Auditors Happy.  NIMBL believes in working closely with your audit team – whether internal or other.  By working with us to build a strong relationship with your audit mechanism, we collectively are able to drive proactive Security best-practices focused on continuous control improvement.  Our Security guru’s are experts in Governance and Risk Compliance requirements all focused on imposing the proper constraints. How does the saying go: “Happy Auditors – happy life”?  Something like that.

Toolset Experts.   NIMBL is an industry-recognized expert in both SAP and non-SAP security toolsets.  Whether SAP Business Suite security and compliance toolsets such as traditional SAP Security Administration; SAP-centric security products such as SAP GRC Access Control; or 3rd-party SAP certified security products such as Onapsis, Mocana, or other – we possess deep and wide security software expertise all focused on driving security measures across your valuable SAP landscape.

My Customers and Partners Need Privacy.  Protecting your customers’ sensitive data such as financial (bank accounts, credit card info, etc.) or sensitive personal info (Social Security numbers, birth dates, etc.) are paramount in maintaining the trust required in doing business. One breach and your company could be destroyed. NIMBL’s SAP Security practice prides itself on a long successful career in implementing well-designed and delivered security policies all aimed at maximum protection and compliance.

A Stitch in Time Saves Nine.  Spending the necessary time now in understanding and prioritizing your organization’s security risks means fewer knee-jerk reactionary fire drills down the road.  Our calm, cool, and collected SAP Security Practice provides that tried and true steady consulting needed in understanding your organization’s compliance needs and then – properly rolling it out with minimum disruption. So in a sense – our Security team is kinda like Yoda.