SAP Cloud Platform


Up in the clouds. SAP Cloud Platform (SAPCP) is revolutionizing the way businesses are innovating. SAPCP, a subscription based service, now provides a light-weight application and integration framework empowering businesses to rapidly design and deploy Apps in the Cloud. Whether custom Apps, 3rd party Apps, or SAP provided Apps – SAPCP allows companies to extend one’s ERP platform into new and innovative realms.

BYOL (bring your own language). SAP Cloud Platform’s innovative framework is differentiating it from other Cloud Application frameworks like Force and Axure. By opening the pool of development languages, the ability to develop Apps is now easier and simply more accessible to companies. Why does this matter you ask? Customers rich in Java, Node or .NET no longer need to hire or retrain developers based on limited development languages. Bottom line: SAPCP is expanding the possibilities of App development for easier customer adoption.

Drive meaningful Business Analytics. IoT, Machine Learning, Predictive Analytics, and Smart Business Analytics are SAP Cloud Services driving innovation and excitement. With SAPCP innovation, businesses now have the possibility of driving real competitive advantages via SAPCP Analytics Services.

In a flash. The phrase “I want it yesterday” no longer applies to SAPCP. Constructed with the tenants of agility and speed to Market, SAPCP App realization is now measured in weeks as opposed to months. Need to spin up a Fiori mobile app? Mobilizing SAP functionality via SAPCP can now be delivered more quickly than ever before. Looking to deploy a 3rd party App? SAP’s new partner marketplace opens up limitless possibilities.

Build(ing) upon your core. SAPCP enables your organization to keep your core business platform (SAP ERP / S4HANA) vanilla while extending innovation through Cloud Platform Extensibility. SAPCP extensibility provides the creative framework for business enhancements without impacting your pristine (and costly) SAP investment.

Reduce your footprint. If for nothing else, SAP Cloud Platform eliminates the cost on Basis and Hardware for innovation development. With SAPCP, all of the infrastructure and support services are maintained by the Mothership (aka SAP). Companies looking to reduce on-premise infrastructure costs and related support services are flocking to SAPCP to eliminate that hassle. While Larry the Basis Admin might not be thrilled – Sally your CFO will be ecstatic