SAP S/4HANA Cloud: Use Cases, Functionality, and Extensibility

Is SAP S/4HANA Cloud right for you? Get the scoop on SAP S/4HANA Cloud, from implementation to extensibility. Find answers to your questions about use cases, costs, and maintenance requirements. Then dive into SAP S/4HANA Cloud’s core processes: finance, inventory, production, sales, and more. Learn how you can tailor the system to grow with your business. Get the SAP S/4HANA Cloud big picture!
  • Learn what SAP S/4HANA Cloud is and how much it costs
  • Understand its use cases, from startups to large enterprises
  • Explore the best practices for a cloud ERP: finance, manufacturing, and more

NIMBL’S SAP S/4HANA Cloud Service

The revolution has begun! S/4HANA Cloud (or S4HC) provides SAP best-in-class ERP functionality at a fraction of the software and deployment cost. Developed leveraging the same code base as S/4HANA, S4HC now empowers the Midmarket and Fortune 1000 with a powerful, cloud ERP.

Built to grow with you. S4HC comes complete with comprehensive enterprise management functionality covering all core operations. But not every company needs this entire scope, so SAP provides the ability to activate what you need today while giving you the flexibility to turn on additional functionality as company needs evolve.

One size doesn’t fit all. S4HC functionality and workflows are built on SAP Best Practices, but companies still have their own “language” and unique keys to their operations. SAP knows this and gave S4HC flexibility through “In-App” and “Side-by-Side” extensibility – the ability to modify screens, add fields and tables, develop “bolt-on” applications, create customized intelligent reporting and more.

Play well with others. S/4HANA Cloud is at the hub of the SAP Digital Core, integrating with other SAP cloud solutions such as Concur, Ariba, Hybris, Fieldglass, and Success Factors. In addition, with SAP Cloud Platform and standard SAP APIs, S/4HANA Cloud can integrate with other legacy on-premise and cloud managed applications.

It takes one to know one. NIMBL was among the first companies in the world to embrace SAP’s S4HC solution becoming an official Lighthouse Partner in 2016. Thus, NIMBL knows what it takes to implement S4HC. We understand that implementing an ERP can create friction within a business, but we also know how to use that friction to create energy that will drive business transformation.

The only constant is change. Through S4HC’s remarkable innovation cycle, new releases are provided quarterly, allowing almost exponential growth to its capabilities. This change requires governance to ensure the business is ready to take advantage of it. NIMBL’s established Application Management Services (AMS) practice provides ongoing support to ensure your business is ready to take full advantage of each new release.