Business First.  While we are North America’s SAP Technologist and are passionate about SAP – all projects must be driven by business value. Sure… upgrading to Kernel is super sexy but if it doesn’t move the business-needle – sexy isn’t enough.  NIMBL believes strongly in focusing on the business-relevance first and foremost for all of your SAP initiatives. Positively driving business-value either through greater top-line revenue or increased bottom-line profitability is where we focus our attention.

From Ideation to Go-Live. Our SAP ninjas are not just ideas-folks or consultants proposing ideas without the ability to deliver. Our SAP Delivery team provides full soup-to-nuts implementation capabilities. We are fluent in full system development life-cycle delivery beginning with first architecting solutions; next – comprehensive testing strategy and execution; and ultimately on-budget/on-time fruition all delivered via our proven project management principles.

Do What We Say. Say What We Do.  NIMBL honors our commitments. When we partner with you – we understand the gravity and trust you instill in us for driving your SAP initiative. Thus – we ALWAYS deliver on our commitments. While – without question – there is “letter of the law” – NIMBL is rooted in the “spirit of the law” philosophy. Our success is truly based on your success and while billing tons of hours is dynamite for short-term gain – we understand the value of long-term trusted partnerships.

We are more than PowerPoint Specialists.  NIMBL understands the SAP portfolio. Sure we can present masterful presentations within PowerPoint and dazzle our audiences; however – the true power resides outside the sales pitch. Our consultants take pride in mastering their respective SAP skillsets and constantly being ahead of the curve.  In turn – NIMBL’s deep understanding of the SAP product portfolio translates into better value, quicker delivery, and ultimately – lower cost for you the client.

We are NOT Everything to Everybody.  NIMBL prides ourselves on our reputation and standing within the SAP eco-system. While we are good at a lot of things – we are not experts at everything.  Therefore – if we do not have the capabilities and/or experience to support your project – we will tell you. Refreshing huh?  However – not to worry – while we might not be the right partner on every SAP project – there is a high probability that we know of another SAP expert who is.