We Are Propeller Heads.  NIMBL is passionate about technology and experts is SAP Architecture and Design. Our senior Netweaver Architects and Solution Engineers excel in assisting our customers in efficiently designing and optimizing best practice SAP landscapes. The difference between a properly architectured SAP infrastructure and poorly designed platform can result in more than inefficiencies but actual revenue loss. Sounds a bit more important now no?

Leave It To the Experts.  Larry – your Basis Admin – is a great guy. However – between us – his skills and SAP knowledge are stale. (He still calls SAP “R/3” for goodness sake!).  Time to bring in NIMBL to support your SAP landscape strategically and tactically in squeezing the most out of your business critical asset. Our SAP Netweaver Admin and Infrastructure consultants are constantly learning about what new functionality and services exist for optimal SAP productivity. As they say “If everything looks like a nail…”

Not All SAP Environments are Created Equal.  From planning your landscape and sizing the solutions to performing the implementation and beyond, our SAP Netweaver Architects understand the intricacies and nuances required for every unique customer landscape. Our seasoned Basis Engineers come with 8+ years of previous SAP consulting experience (on average) and understand not every environment is the same.  One size does not fit all. We get it and more importantly – can help you get it to.

Beyond the Tactical.  Sure we can put in the basics required in every SAP landscape such as clean-up tasks, OS/DB alerting, etc. However – why pay us for that. Engage NIMBL for strategic consulting truly moving the needle. Our SAP Netweaver Engineers excel at driving SAP landscape transformation initiatives; supporting our customer leadership in translating complex business events into supported and scale-able SAP platforms; and C-level directed tasks like road-mapping, global initiatives and the like.

HANA. HANA. HANA.  So what is this thing called HANA really and how does it impact my SAP infrastructure? HANA is here folks and it ain’t a matter of if HANA will change our SAP infrastructure (and business) but when. NIMBL’s dedicated HANA Practice in concert with our Netweaver Practice support our customers in analysis, architecting, implementing and support HANA initiatives.