SAP Leonardo


Come stai Signore Leonardo. SAP Leonardo provides you with innovation opportunities yet to be realized within your business-critical landscape. Leveraging multiple complementary toolsets focused on driving business value, SAP Leonardo blends a suite of technologies and services focused on moving the needle.

OK… But What is It Really? Leonardo is SAP’s vision / platform for driving innovative business solutions via a blend of software and consulting services. Incorporating technologies such as Blockchain, IoT (Internet of Things), Machine Learning, Analytics, Data Intelligence, and Big Data (to name a few), Leonardo is your opportunity to move beyond ERP.

Remember the movie Minority Report? Picture looking at your Financials in real-time on your wall of monitors. Leonardo. Imagine being able to redeploy resources to your Manufacturing line based on instantaneous shop-floor sensor feedback. Leonardo. Envision automating (and improving) Customer Service activities based on Machine Learning. Leonardo. What about teleporting across the globe for last minute business travel? Not Leonardo… but that would be wicked cool. The Time is Now. Business is moving truly faster than ever with nimble start-ups innovating quicker, smarter, more cost-effective, and with greater efficiency. Failing to think beyond Month-end close limits your ability to not only thrive but survive. With SAP Leonardo’s ability to rapidly ideate and deploy business innovation, your business has the opportunity to reclaim market share and position your company for the future. The key is finding the right partner.

NIMBL knows Leonardo. Our out-of-the-box-thinking architects, creative Business-focused engineers, and Design-thinking approach drives discussion, passion, and the actualization of forward-thinking concepts. NIMBL’s proven technologists in Analytics, SAP Cloud Platform, IoT, Big Data, and other toolsets harness possibility and turn them into action.

The Art of the Possible. SAP Leonardo is a new and exciting frontier pushing customers beyond ERP. Engage NIMBL to explore what business innovation opportunities can be realized within your organization. While teleporting isn’t one of the available solutions (yet) – Leonardo’s Suite of Toolsets and Services has the ability to warp-drive your business.